6 Mistakes to Avoid When Shipping Your E-commerce Products

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The development in technologies has made the world a much more user-friendly host, with almost everything being available online, on the internet. Users and customers have a variety of options to choose from, that too from the comfort of their homes, without even stepping a foot out. With the COVID-19 pandemic raging all over the world, E-Commerce websites have seen a surge in the production and manufacturing of many different products. Many people have joined and set up online stores for their businesses which have proven to be a great success.

After setting up your e-commerce store online, your business would have orders which need to be shipped to the customers according to their respective time frames. Many online companies are now providing shipping solutions, like correct packaging materials for different products for online consumers and their businesses. You can click here for more information.

Many times, the people involved in E-Commerce businesses tend to make a few mistakes whilst shipping their products and services to the consumers which can affect and hamper their businesses period. Given below is a list of 6 mistakes to avoid when shipping your E-Commerce products.

1. Having a manual shipping record

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With the world using software and machines for almost every other work and task, some small businesses and companies still prefer doing their work the old school way. The manual record-keeping could be useful to only a few extents, and with the constantly changing world and its demands, the companies now need to shift towards software and computers as much as possible. Big companies have understood the needs of the consumers and have been using different software for taking in orders and shipping them on time.

Small companies, on the other hand, still are using manual recordings of their orders and this leads to chaos at the time of delivery of their products, thereby affecting their mistakes. New companies, big or small, are therefore advised to make use of technology present to ease out their work and ensure the smooth running of their businesses.

2. No effective shipments

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Different consumers have different needs for the products they have ordered. It can be used as a birthday present which is just around the week or could be a delicacy which requires delivery by the next day. Many retailers have only one type of shipping method, which has a tendency to take at least a couple of weeks, if not more.

Some consumers may want fast deliveries, while others might be glad about the safe and secure options. The absence of such different shipment strategies and methods, therefore, creates a bad impression of the respective shop and the owners’ business is at risk as well.

Online retailers are advised to have a few online shipping methods available for their products, which can provide deliveries to the customers and consumers as per their needs. Many shipping partner websites are available on the internet which is ready to collaborate with such retailers and provide different options with appropriate pricing.

3. Using inappropriate packaging

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Different products have different packaging needs. The correct packaging is a crucial part of the entire shipping process. Packaging protects the products and goods from damages during their shipment and transport.

Paper packaging along with bubble wraps may be sufficient for fabrics and accessories, but for fragile and expensive products, retailers should consider the boxes made of cardboard and other recyclable materials. Packaging is also responsible for the maintenance of the reputation of the brands. Many big companies are now providing packaging made out of recycled material and thus, contribute to the minimum pollution of the environment.

4. Delayed delivery

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The biggest mistake a retailer in business can make is delayed delivery. After receiving the estimated delivery date, the consumers are waiting eagerly for their products and orders to be delivered. And the delay makes them look for similar products on your competitors’ web page. This can make your business look bad, no matter how good it is. Additionally, many small businesses face extra issues and trouble with the estimated delivery due date during the holiday seasons due to an increase in demands and orders. They, therefore, fail in delivering the orders and thus, cause troubles in the business.
Losing the track of records

One of the biggest mistakes companies can make while taking orders is losing them. While this is relatively a much rarer incident, it can happen to anyone, with any sort of business. Many times, if the system is automated, all the data is backed up in cloud storage and can be retrieved from there.

But cloud storages are not usually free to access and operate. And if the business is not automated, then there is no way of restoring the lost record of orders. This can be very harmful to the businesses involved and the consumers may never return if once lost.

5. Using a single carrier

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With the advancement and increase in online commerce, many websites and online businesses make use of different shipment carriers, and courier services to deliver their products to designated addresses all over the world. With the major courier service providers having official and verified partners and chains in almost every country, it has become quite easier for the retailers to sell their products in foreign lands as well as in their own country.

Many times, to save money, some retailers prefer to choose only one carrier. And if due to any reason the carrier in question is busy for the season, then the entire fleet of orders and shipments would be delayed. To overcome such a situation, online and e-commerce retailers and merchants are advised to use a few of the local and reputed carriers, instead of just one.

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Timely delivery ensures good business. Online retailers should ensure timely deliveries of their products and goods, whilst ensuring the top-quality of the same. With the world becoming an online village, thanks to the internet, everything is available online and everyone is connected. The above-mentioned tips would be useful for your business to be successful and run smoothly.

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