Top Most Wanted Rare Plants for Your Home

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Having vegetation in your house is extremely beneficial, and it will not only make your home look better, but it will also contribute to your health and wellbeing. It is said that most people love plants, and they keep them indoors, and there are some types that are extremely popular and pretty much everyone has them. Having vegetation that is popular and commonly chosen is great, but not everyone wants to keep the same plants everyone else does. If you are looking for amazing greenery, but if you don’t want to go with the traditional choices, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we are going to talk about some of the most wanted rare plants for your home. Continue reading if you want to learn why these are a great option for your house, why so many people like them, and what makes these plants so unique.

Monstera Thai Constellation

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The first greenery we are going to talk about is something that originates from Thailand, and it has grown in popularity every day. This vegetation is known for its large leaves size and it is extremely beautiful and practical to have in your home. It can even be placed as the focal point of your home, and you can easily keep it inside. Note that since this is really popular vegetation, it has been asked by many, but it cannot be easily bought.

Thailand is one of the few places in the world where this greenery is grown and since the demand is so high and the production process is relatively slow, this plant is pretty expensive. Currently, there is a plan for some counties in the United States and Europe that are waiting for permits to be able to grow this greenery, and it is expected for the prices to lower if this happens.

Syngonium Podophyllum Red Spot

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This beautiful species is known for its three colors and distinct red hue. The shape is in the form of an arrow and this greenery can grow pretty large.

It is a relatively difficult species to acquire, but that does not make it any less popular within the major public. However, it is easier to get, unlike some of the other vegetation on this list, and if you are patient and persistent enough, you may even be able to get it. It is easy to grown, and the only thing you need to remember is that it does not tolerate direct sunlight for a long time, so it is best to put it in indirect light.

Scindapsus Treubii Dark Form

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The reason why this vegetation is so rare and unique is because of its color. The leaves are almost black and this makes the plant so easily recognizable and so beautiful. It is said to be one of the easiest greeneries to grow in your home, and if you allow it to climb, it will reach its true form and show you the amazing look it has. Note that this is a plant of the vining species, so you should provide it with enough room to climb up.

On websites like, you can see that this species can easily grow even if it does not have enough light, but if you want it to reach its potential, you should put it somewhere in indirect light.

You should be extra careful when it comes to the roots, and the greenery will easily die if you overwater it and if you let the roots hang from the pot. This is not a pet-friendly species, so if you already have a pet, you may want to look for something else.

Philodendron White Princess

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Now let’s talk about a type of vegetation that is one of the most beautiful ones and one of the most sought after. It is a plant that can be rarely found on the traditional market, and it is said that if you want it, you will need to talk to someone who already has it in their private collection.

It can be recognized by the white parts on the green leaves, and it is just a mesmerizing plant that you can incorporate with any style of home that you have. Even though it is relatively easy to keep, you still need to pay attention to its needs if you don’t want to dry out or get sick. If you manage to acquire it, it is better to consult with an expert on how to keep it happy and healthy.

Monstera Adansonii Variegata Archipelago

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The last species we are going to mention on this list is Monstera Adansonii Variegata

Archipelago, and it is also known as monkey leaf. The shape is so distinctive that you cannot mistake it for any other type of plant. It has both green and white leaves and it is a beautiful edition to pretty much every room.

It is said that it is one of the rarest species on the market, so you need a lot of luck and skills to be able to get it for your house. The growth rate is really, really slow, and the demand is extremely high, so if you want to purchase it, you may need to reach pretty deep in your pocket.

When it comes to caring for Monkey Leaf, you should never expose it to direct sunlight, and you also need to pay attention to the watering. This species does not like too much water, so you should always check the soil, and you should not water it more than once every seven to ten days.

These are some of the most wanted rare plants that you can get on the current market. Some of them are easier to buy than others, and with the rest, you will need to be ready to wait for a long time. If you are interested in anything specific, you can always reach out to a specialized store, and ask them to put you on the waiting list. If you choose to keep one of these, you should know that even those these species are rare, it does not mean that they require any special care. Talk to the seller depending on the type of greenery you choose, and make sure you put it in the best environment and conditions so it can grow healthy.

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