Should You Buy New or Used Laser Cutting Machine – 2024 Guide


If you are interested in buying a laser cutting machine, the first thing to consider is why you need one, and for which materials. The reason for that is that there are different models available on the market today, but with different features, power, and additional functions. Also, it is important to check theĀ laser cutting machine price.

This is a relatively new technology, and it provides many benefits like accuracy, automations, high-quality, and more. Depending on the model, the price can be between $3,000 and over $15,000. Since more and more companies are now using this technology, you might be able to find a used model for a significantly lower price. However, there are some important things to check before making such decision.

Benefits of Buying a New Model

The main advantage is quite simple to understand, and that is security. However, the key is to research the marker and check that the manufacturer is well-known for producing high-quality machines. Also, you will get a warranty, and the model will be able to provide the best features.

After you make this choice, it is very important to pay attention to proper maintenance and replacement of parts when needed. That will keep the machine in proper condition for a longer time.

Is Buying a Used Model a Good Option?


It depends on various factors. You have to keep in mind that some parts can be worn-off over time and that the power of the machine can decrease over time as well. Be aware of the fact that the laser can be very expensive, and if you find a cheap used model, that must be the first thing to check since replacing it might increase the expenses to be nearly the same as for buying a new model.

Moreover, this technology is upgrading all the time, and there are new trends introduced almost every year. In that matter, you might end with an outdated model that won’t serve you in the right way. Also, be sure to check if there is still an active warranty since finding replacement part can be a problem.

The key is to check how long was the previous owner using the machine, what was the frequency, and what is the current condition of the model. On the other side, the main advantage is that you can save a lot of money with this option. In case that you find a used model that previous owner was not using so often, and if it is only one or two years old, that might be a perfect way to add this machine to your manufacture.

Last Words


Buying a new model is always the easiest and safest way. However, the second option can provide you with the ability to save a lot of money. Still, there are some important things to check before making such decision, especially when it comes to risks related to broken parts, and potential issues with their replacement and repair.

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