Perks That Outpatient Program Offers to Addicts: How to Know if It Is for You?


To understand if an outpatient rehab treatment program is for you, you have to better understand the benefits that the rehab program offers drug addicts—that is where the answer lies. When compared to inpatient rehab treatment programs, where the treatment does not expose the patient to the drugs and alcohol that they are addicted to for a set period of time, there is a chance that they can relapse when they come out of the treatment and are placed into the real world.

But that is not the case with outpatient programs. In the outpatient program, the patient gets to experience the rehab center along with the real world, they can apply what they learn in the real-world day-after-day, and if a moment of weakness occurs, the rehab center will be there the next day to solve the issue and work on it.

These are good reasons why outpatient rehab programs should be for you, but if you have mild to moderate levels of addiction, then you are best suited for a treatment done via outpatient rehab treatment program. You can get this treatment from a reputable rehab center such as PinnacleRecovery.

How does outpatient rehab treatment operate?


Outpatient rehab treatment works by first getting a checkup from the doctor and the doctor will run a few tests and screen you a few times for excessive mental issues or more medical problems. Once the screenings and tests are done, the next day, after running through the tests several times, the doctor recommends a form of treatment which is usually a mix of a few side programs, then an outpatient rehab center is administered if the addiction level is mild to moderate. Once the addiction treatment is given, the patient is given a direct plan and schedule to follow to the point.

The patient has to come into the clinic at the right time 1-3 days a week or 4-5 days a week depending upon the type of outpatient rehab treatment program you choose. The patient can go through therapy programs that are added into the program and they can then get some detoxification done along with the usual standard processes that the outpatient program offers.

Types of outpatient rehab programs


We just touched upon the types of outpatient rehab treatment program, let us embark upon the further types. There are about three types of outpatient rehab treatment program, they are the following:

Type 1: Standard outpatient rehab treatment

In this type of outpatient rehab treatment program, the patient gets to go to the rehab facility to get therapy programs done on them. There are a few meetings as well with various medical health professionals that can further guide the patient into the process of recovery. This type can ask the patient to come once or twice a week for 1-2 hours.

Type 2: Intensive outpatient rehab treatment program

In this type of outpatient rehab treatment program, the patient gets to go to a rehab center about 3-5 days per week. And each session at the facility can last anywhere from 2-4 hours. This is a more intense form of outpatient rehab treatment as compared to the standard outpatient rehab treatment that was mentioned earlier. The aspects for recovery included in the type are family therapy, group therapy, individual therapy as well as medical management services when they are needed. Furthermore, a detox program is administered in it and to combat the symptoms of detox, medication can also be administered where necessary.

Type 3: Partial hospitalization program (PHP)

This is considered to be an even more intense form of intensive outpatient rehab treatment program. In this type, the patient has to go to the rehab facility from anywhere for 4 hours to 6 hours, about 3-5 days per week. Some are even called in for 7 days, but such subjects are rare. In this type, the highest level of outpatient services is offered, along with medical supervision in the form of medications, therapies, and various other supporting services.

This type of outpatient program is often used as an aftercare program for inpatient rehab treatment patients.

The main benefit of the outpatient rehab program is that one can easily apply what they learn at the facility. It can be cemented into the mind fairly quickly as compared to the teachings that a patient receives at a residential rehab center.

Perks that outpatient rehab program offers


You can work on your job, study, or still live your life while you get treatment

This is important for many people for many reasons. Sometimes, the person that is addicted to drugs is the person that is the sole breadwinner of the house, sometimes the patient is a 4th year student that has to finish his or her year or else they might get a gap year which can affect their future opportunities greatly, so outpatient rehab center can help them get these things done for them and at the same time, they can get treatment for their addiction problem as well.

People can focus on their studies and finish school on time, they can earn money to run their household, or just relax as they get treatment for their mild to moderate levels of addiction through outpatient rehab treatment programs.

Outpatient rehab programs won’t run your pockets dry

The treatment program only costs around $5000 for 3 months, some cost slightly above or slightly below this, but all in all, this is the average while inpatient treatment costs around $15,000 per month as an average, so you are looking at saving a lot of money, but this can only be done so if you have moderate levels of addiction, because that is when you will be given two options, either outpatient rehab program or inpatient rehab program.

It is a family-oriented treatment program

In this treatment program, family sticks by your side from the start to the end. This can boost the morale of the patient by tenfold, make them feel like they are not alone, and this constant support can actually increase the chances of recovery.

Hence, if you are a working-class person, and the whole family depends upon you, or you are simply someone with responsibilities, then get outpatient rehab treatment from a respectable rehab center and heal yourself from this addiction so you can live your life, your way.

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