5 Ways Podcasts Can Boost Your Motivation And Personal Development

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Podcasting has become a multi-billion dollar industry, and even though it is still not as popular as television, it is certainly catching up. However, there is one key difference between podcasts and TV program, and this one difference is probably the reason why podcasts will never catch up with television. But that’s not the point here.

The main difference is that people watch television to pass the time and have fun. Rarely does anyone watch TV to learn something new or educate themselves. Some people do, but not many. With podcasts, on the other hand, people expect to receive some kind of value. And, even though there are many podcasts that are just fun, with no intention to ever be educational, motivating or inspiring – they’re not the ones people enjoy the most. However, even those ones could help lift your spirits, as we’ll see in just a bit.

On that note, what we wanted to talk to you about today is all the different ways podcasts can help you. More precisely, we wanted to focus on all the ways podcasts can boost your motivation and personal development and growth.

So, without further ado – let’s begin.

1. They Urge You To Multitask

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The first and arguably the most significant advantage to podcasts is that you don’t have to dive into them all the way. You could effortlessly work and listen to a podcast at the same time, which is not something you can do with content that’s streamed on TV, for instance.

To be fair, some people enjoy immersing themselves in podcasts all the way, especially if they’re listening to something they’re very interested in, but they’re hardly the majority of the audience listening to content like this. Most people actually want to work on something else while they’re listening to a podcast, so, in a way, we guess you could say that this content actually urges you to get and go to work. And, if that’s not proper motivation, we honestly don’t know what is.

2. They Help Spend Less Time In Front Of A Screen

A display is the biggest killer of motivation that has ever existed. As someone who spends a lot of time working behind one, we can personally tell you that there’s nothing in this world that’s more distracting than a turned-on on the screen. There’s just always something happening on there, and you’re simply itching to see what. Just take YouTube, for example. How many times did you hop on to watch a single video, only to end up in the same exact position, five hours later, watching slow-cooking videos, knowing very well you’ll never going to spend more than 2 hours making a lasagna, let alone a 100?

With podcasts, you don’t have to be afraid of spiraling off into a vortex of meaninglessness. You’ll just sit back, enjoy the conversation, learn a thing or two, and finish the whole thing off by feeling motivated, accomplished, and you won’t hate yourself for wasting hours of pointless videos you learned nothing from.

3. They Educate And Provide Valuable Information

If you look at some of the most popular podcasts on the planet right now, they all offer something valuable in exchange for your time. Some of them are almost exclusively focused on empowering your mind, motivating you, and teaching you things that you otherwise might not have learned.

We all know how our school systems are failing us because they don’t raise us to be free-minded, nor do they actually prepare us for what the world is like. And, whether we like it or not, things like that can take a significant toll on our motivation and will to grow and develop.

Fortunately, there are podcasts like Chainlesslife that teach us about the other things in life. It’s content like this that most people seek because once you’re done with it, you actually feel like you’ve done something worthwhile with your time, and that feeling will have you move forward and do something else, and then another thing after that.

Also, all this knowledge you gain by listening to these conversations can only be valuable to you. There’s no such thing as worthless knowledge, no matter what anyone says. Every new piece of information that sticks with you helps you grow, and there is nothing more important in our lives than growing.

4. They Are Fun

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Some of us may not realize this, but in order to be motivated and grow, we have to be able to have fun. Life can’t come down to just working and sleeping. If you try and do that, you’re probably going to lose focus, motivation, and will to go on. Therefore, you have to have fun. You can’t be motivated to do anything, let alone work, grow and develop, unless you’re having fun.

And, podcasts are fun – there are no two ways about it. Some will find finance-oriented shows fun, while the others will be more likely to enjoy a Joe Rogan Joey Diaz rant about whatever it is that they’re ranting on about nowadays. Everyone has a different definition of fun, but seeing how versatile podcasts are – we’re sure everyone will manage to find a way to have fun listening to one.

5. They Are Inspiring

Motivation and inspiration go hand in hand, and they rarely come about one without the other. Listening to someone talk about something that you find intriguing is highly likely to leave you inspired and motivated. Just imagine how many people have begun exercising, writing, inventing, or in any other way pursuing their dreams after listening to an inspiring podcast. We’re willing to bet it’s millions.

Storytelling is a powerful tool, and you could probably argue that half of the things we have today wouldn’t even exist if it weren’t for storytelling. You may or may not agree with that, but as far as we’re concerned – nothing is as inspiring and motivating as a captivating conversation. And that’s precisely what you’d get from a podcast.


There you have it. Those were the five ways in which podcasts can, and will, boost your motivation, growth, and personal development. Hopefully, you agree with us. But, we hope more that you’ve found this to be motivating and inspiring – at least a little bit. If you’re interested in starting a podcast of your own, visit https://melonapp.com/how-to-start-a-podcast/.

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