Protecting Your Child’s Teeth During Sports: The Importance of Mouthguards

Protecting Your Child's Teeth During Sports - The Importance of Mouthguards

Physical activities and sports are essential in a child’s development because they promote physical health, teamwork, and discipline.

However, children are vulnerable to dental injuries when engaging in sports, which can impact their oral health and general well-being. Mouthguards are the perfect way to protect your child’s teeth during sports.

Mouthguards are protective devices that absorb and disperse impact force, lowering the risk of dental injuries. In this post, we’ll look at how mouthguards may help protect your child’s teeth while playing sports.

The Prevalence of Sports-Related Dental Injuries

Dental injuries caused by sports are more prevalent than many parents believe. According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD), sports-related activities cause up to 39% of dental injuries in children.

Minor chips and fractures can lead to more severe injury, such as avulsed (knocked-out) teeth or damage to the lips, cheeks, and tongue.

Contact sports, such as football, hockey, soccer, basketball, and martial arts, raise the risk of tooth injury. Even non-contact activities, such as gymnastics, skating, and bicycling, might endanger your child’s teeth, owing to probable falls and accidents.

The Importance of Mouthguards in Sports

The Importance of Mouthguards in Sports

Mouthguards are essential protective equipment that may considerably lower the risk of oral injury during sports. They function as a shock absorber, softening the blow to the face and spreading the force over a broader region. This aids in the protection of the teeth, gums, lips, and cheeks against damage.

A properly fitted mouthguard forms a protective barrier between the upper and lower teeth when worn by a child. This keeps the teeth from coming into direct contact with one other in the case of a collision or fall, lowering the chance of broken or displaced teeth.

4 Different Types of Mouthguards

There are three main types of mouthguards available, each offering varying levels of protection and comfort:

Stock Mouthguards

These mouthguards are ready to wear and pre-form. While affordable, they sometimes give a loose and bulky fit, making it difficult to talk and breathe properly. As a result, generic mouthguards may need adequate protection and are typically not suggested by dentists.

Boil-and-Bite Mouthguards

Boil-and-Bite Mouthguards

Boil-and-bite mouthguards fit better than standard mouthguards. They are constructed of a thermoplastic polymer that softens when heated. After the mouthguard has been boiled, the child inserts it in their teeth and chews down to produce a personalized imprint.

While they are more comfortable than standard mouthguards, their fit varies, and may not provide optimum protection.

Custom-Fitted Mouthguards

Custom-Fitted Mouthguards

Custom-fitted mouthguards are considered the gold standard in mouthguard protection. Unlike generic mouthguards, custom variants are meticulously crafted to match the exact contours of a child’s teeth and gums, ensuring optimal comfort and superior protection.

If you’re seeking the best for your child, consider reaching out to Junior Smiles of Stafford, a leadingĀ pediatric dentist in Fairfax, VA. Their expertise in crafting precision-fit mouthguards guarantees that your child’s dental health remains uncompromised, no matter how active they are.

Dual Laminate Mouthguards

Dual laminate mouthguards combine the benefits of custom-fitted and boil-and-bite mouthguards. They comprise two layers: a soft inner layer for comfort and shock absorption and a rigid outer layer for durability and protection.

A pediatric dentist also custom-makes these mouthguards, guaranteeing a perfect fit for the child’s dental anatomy.

Dual laminate mouthguards combine the best of both worlds, giving exceptional protection and comfort while participating in sports. The two-layer design enables simple adjustment and improved retention, lowering the chance of the mouthguard slipping or falling out during play.

These mouthguards are popular for children who play contact sports because they provide exceptional impact resistance and are an ideal fit for improved performance and safety.

The Role of a Pediatric Dentist in Mouthguard Fitting and Oral Health

The Role of a Pediatric Dentist in Mouthguard Fitting and Oral Health

Pediatric dentists are critical in safeguarding your child’s teeth while participating in sports. They have been trained to examine the child’s oral needs, prescribe the best mouthguard, and guarantee a perfect fit.

A custom-fitted mouthguard is necessary for comfort and efficacy, and a pediatric dentist is adept in constructing a mouthguard that precisely matches the child’s teeth and jaw structure.

Consider scheduling a visit with Junior Smiles of Stafford’s pediatric dentists in Fairfax, VA, if you want the best protection for your child’s teeth during sports.

Its custom-fitted mouthguards are designed to provide optimal safety and comfort, ensuring your child can confidently enjoy their favorite sports. Make an appointment with us now to protect your child’s wonderful smile.


As parents, protecting our children’s health and well-being is a top priority, especially when they participate in sports and physical activities. Dental injuries during sports can be painful, costly, and have long-lasting effects on a child’s oral health.

Mouthguards are a simple yet effective solution to reduce the risk of dental injuries and protect your child’s teeth during sports.

When choosing a mouthguard for your child, prioritize a custom-fitted mouthguard. A custom mouthguard offers the best fit, comfort, and protection, ensuring your child can focus on enjoying their sports without worries of dental injuries.

Additionally, a visit to a pediatric dentist allows one to assess and address dental concerns, promoting overall oral health and well-being.

Investing in a quality mouthguard and partnering with a pediatric dentist are crucial steps in safeguarding your child’s teeth and enabling them to embrace a physically active and healthy lifestyle confidently.

Let your child enjoy their sports journey, knowing their smile is protected, and their oral health is in the best hands.

If your kids clench their teeth while they sleep, discover how a mouthguard could potentially help them stop, preventing tooth decay.

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