Is It Cheaper to Rekey or Replace Locks?


Locks are generally sturdy and mostly unbreakable. But the main concern is with keys.

Although they are as sturdy as locks, people lose them pretty easily and quickly. They then change the locks most often. Do you also belong to the same category? Then you can relate to this article very much. People often get confused about whether to rekey their locks or replace them altogether. This article will guide you through the right path in such kinds of situations.

As keys are small in size, people often forget them somewhere, lose them, or even get broken. In such circumstances, you better take a call and see which one is profitable for you. If you are still confused, keep scrolling to see which method has the most benefits for you.

Be it for getting new keys for the old locks or changing the locks altogether, you need to make sure that you get the sturdiest locks. Hence, be specific and careful while choosing the locksmith.

Only a professional locksmith can give you the kind of locks that you need to not let the mistake happen again. Slotenspecialist is a perfect choice if you are already in need. They can make and repair all kinds of locks for all doors and houses, from normal conventional locks to the most sophisticated technology-involved ones. Click here to learn more about their experience and professionalism and take a call for yourself.

When to rekey your lock?


If you lost the keys

Some people who are unaware of this directly go for replacing the locks in all kinds of situations. For example, if you have lost the keys, replacing the entire lock is an unwise decision. It will cost you more as compared to rekeying.

If you have lost your keys somewhere, it is better to approach the locksmith for new keys or get them prepared new ones. Rekeying is relatively less costly as compared to entirely changing the lock system. Also, changing the whole lock system is not necessary here.

Broken keys

Keys are sturdier but not as sturdier as compared to the locks. They get broken sometimes. In such instances, you don’t have to change your lock. Your broken lock can be repaired, or you can buy new keys of the same shape and code that rightly fits your locks. This is a less expensive process as compared to changing the locks.

If someone else has the key

If someone else also has the key to your home, you may want that person to prevent it from entering your home. You can simply change the old keys and replace them with new ones.

Hence, the older keys can no longer open the lock to your home. Plus, this is cheaper as compared to changing the whole lock to your home. Changing the lock is not necessary, too, in this instance.

Moved to a new place

If you have moved to a new place, it is better to change your key. You may or may not know who else has access to your place or has the keys to your lock. Instead of taking the risk, it is better to change your keys as soon as possible. Changing the keys in these instances is better and less expensive as opposed to changing the whole lock.

When to change the lock?


If your lock is broken

Yes, locks are sturdier. Their lifespan too is longer than usual and as compared to any other thing. But, they do tend to break eventually. Nothing can be done except changing the lock if your lock is broken. If the damage is minor, you can talk to your locksmith. But if it is broken into two pieces or changing is inevitable, then it is better to change your lock.

Change to higher security system

In today’s highly sophisticated world, everyone wants to employ higher security systems in their homes or offices. If you are using conventional locks and think that you may need technology-driven or other sophisticated locks for higher security, then changing your keys may not be an appropriate option. Changing the lock, therefore, becomes the only choice. Hence, in these kinds of situations, it is better to change your entire locking system.

Different locks


While some people use different locks for each room, a few others prefer to have the same lock for all rooms so that they can use only one key for all rooms. The choice is obviously yours. But, if you move into a new house, you might face these kinds of situations.

You can do nothing but change your locks in such instances. Each model has its own fair share of advantages and disadvantages. You can even change to different lock models if your house has the same lock system. And again, it’s totally your call.

An old and rusty lock

Although locks are robust, they tend to become rusty over the course of time. They don’t work as efficiently when they start to rust. Changing the keys is not the appropriate step you could take in this situation. You should change your lock. Otherwise, your house security might be in a compromised position altogether. Hence, always prefer to change rusty and old locks.


Usually, changing the lock is highly expensive as compared to rekeying your locks. But you can avoid additional or excessive expenditure depending upon your requirements for the locking system.

If the keys can be replaced without changing the lock, then it is better and safe to go with changing your keys. If changing your entire lock system becomes inevitable, you, of course, have no other choice other than to replace your lock. So the ultimate decision-making power is in your hands. You can control the expenditure by opting for a cheaper mode of change.

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