6 Common Residential Grease Trap Problems and Their Solutions

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There are a lot of problems that you can get into if you don’t take enough care while maintaining your grease trap. Each of them results in reduced efficiency when working for several reasons. For example, you may not have cleaned the trap regularly, but you may not have chosen the right model. This means that the capacity of the trap is not compatible with the work of your kitchen. So, there are a few factors you need to take before installing a grease trap. Otherwise, you will get acquainted with the following problems very quickly.

1. Clogging

This is definitely one of the most common problems that people face when it comes to grease traps. Clogging occurs when debris accumulates at the crossing line between the two compartments. There are two sections that make up the grease trap. While the first section is in charge of separating solids and liquids, the second section is involved in discharging waste into the sewer.

The problem arises if the transition pipe becomes clogged because then the liquid level in the first compartment is too high. Once the waste accumulates in the switch line located between the two compartments, the system will most likely become clogged during the intersection.

2. Unpleasant odor

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If you regularly clean the grease trap and take care of it, you will probably not smell bad odors. In that case, your grease trap will work. However, if you smell this scent, be sure that something is wrong. There are two potential causes. In addition to insufficient cleaning, check that there is no mechanical problem. For example, the seal may be defective. Since the entrance to the siphon is sealed, it is in charge of keeping the odor under control. Due to a malfunction, the odor will leak out and you will smell everything that is the contents of the trap.

Unpleasant odors can also be the result of insufficient cleaning, even if the seal works properly. Fortunately, there is a solution. This is actually one of the easiest problems because it is enough to replace the seals. This way you will make sure that the scents stay where they belong forever. When it comes to insufficiently clean traps, you need a deep cleaning that will be done by experts.

3. Clogging of the incoming line

This type of blockage prevents the entire fat trapping unit from working. This means that probably the lowest plumbing fixture will return when a blockage occurs. If you encounter this type of problem, it is best to react immediately. It is recommended to look for spare floor drains. According to the grease trap specialist behind greasetrapsanfrancisco.com problems can also arise if the incoming line is placed in the wrong position during the installation process.

4. Clogging of the outgoing line

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So, there are several places where clogging can occur. One of them is the outlet line in the siphon. In this case, the grease trap will overflow from both compartments. This can happen to you if you forget to pump waste during the cycle. This means that this is most likely your fault and that is why you should take care of waste disposal. The good news is that this problem is relatively easy to spot, but requires expert help.

If you want to delay cleaning the grease trap, you need to take care of it every day. This means that it is desirable to wash greasy dishes exclusively with hot water using dishwashing detergents. Before you put the dishes in the sink, make sure that you have previously removed the leftover food from it. You can rinse the drain system preventively every week. Use boiling water and soda for this purpose.

5. The grease trap is full

This is another consequence of poor maintenance of the trap, insufficient cleaning. No one is sure about the appearance of the blockade. The result is at best a slower release of water and not too pleasant a smell in the room. In the worst case, the situation develops in an extremely negative way. Until the room is flooded due to the reverse outflow of drainage water. You can try to avoid this scenario by removing the blockage in time. There are several ways to solve this problem.

For example, you can clean the siphon with improvised means, start mechanical cleaning, dry cleaning, or invite experts to do it for you. Since it is recommended to use mechanical methods, you should not do it alone. You will need specific resources and tools. Sometimes this is not enough, so it is necessary to apply a combination of methods. However, qualified experts will easily see the solution to the problem.

6. Overflow

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When the grease trap is overfilled, it overflows due to too much fat and food debris. This is a very unpleasant experience because the overflow creates a huge wet and greasy mess. Remember that once an overflow occurs, the problem can only get worse. This means that the overflow will continue to happen every time you try to let the water through the trap. You need to use the appropriate method to quickly remove the blockages and completely clean the trap. Since most models allow the sediment to sink to the bottom of the compartment, the grease will float to the top.

To solve this problem, you need to draw clean water from the central layer into the sewer and redirect the grease to another section. This section is intended for storing grease in a siphon. That way, the sediment will remain in the first part. This is how a grease trap works properly, so don’t forget to pump out the sludge periodically. This applies to both sections. Depending on the size of the trap and your needs, make a cleaning schedule. It is recommended to clean once every three months.


It is very inconvenient when the sink is clogged in the kitchen. This is a very important room for most homes, which means that it must always be functional. Due to frequent use, the biggest problem is the excessive accumulation of sludge in the drain pipes. That is why a lot of people decide to grease the trap in order to contribute to the proper disposal of waste. In order for it to always perform its function well, it is important to choose the model and maintain it. Otherwise, you will encounter the aforementioned problems that require the presence of qualified professionals.

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