Why You Require Aircon Chemical Overhaul Service

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Considering Singapore’s hot weather, air conditioners have become a demand in everybody’s house. Did you guys know that using the air conditioner on a regular basis can gather dust, germs, and other tiny particles? As a result, it’s essential to get your air conditioners inspected and serviced on a frequent basis if you want them to work correctly. A chemical overhaul is by far the most comprehensive cleaning service of all the maintenance services. Now, what exactly is a chemical overhaul? How does it assist in keeping your air conditioner in good working order, and what’s the difference between chemical wash and overhaul?

Let’s dive in to find out everything about Chemical Overhaul!

What exactly is an air conditioning overhaul?

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Experts may recommend a chemical overhaul for the AC if the chemical washing is inadequate to cleanse the unit thoroughly. After the expert inspects your device, they will be able to inform you whether your air conditioner requires an overhaul or just an essential chemical washing treatment.

To maintain your air conditioner functioning at its best, specialists recommend doing a chemical wash or even overhaul at least yearly. The air conditioner components are removed and cleaned during an air conditioner overhaul. Some components are being fixed or changed.

When is it time for an overhaul?

So here are a few examples of situations where an overhaul is required:

  • When the vents get blocked as a result of dust or muck
  • Drainage pipes blockage, leading to water leakage
  • drainage pipes blockage, leading to water leakage
  • evaporator coils are damaged.
  • Fan bearings are damaged.
  • Faulty filters

After a thorough chemical overhaul, you can trust your machine to be brand new! It is always a great way to keep your air conditioner clean and regularly maintained by professionals like the ones from ac repair Las vegas, not only to avoid costly air conditioning repair bills but also to guarantee that your device lasts much longer.

What happens when doing an aircon chemical overhaul?

The following are some of the simple works associated with air conditioning chemical overhauls:

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  • To decrease noise and improve performance, lubricate a fan’s bearing.
  • Examining and testing the system’s thermostats and controllers
  • Using the proper chemicals, clean the drainage pipes, blower wheel, and drainage pans.
  • Removes dust and filth from the fan evaporator coil, improving performance.
  • Replaces worn-out bearings and reduces running noise

It’s important to remember that while several firms can handle different aspects, not all offer the same degree of service.

Benefits of aircon chemical overhaul

The advantages are as follows:

  • Longer functioning
  • More energy and power expenses can be saved.
  • Reduce the expense of repairs.
  • cleaner surroundings for a healthy way of life
  • Reduce the possibility of an unexpected air conditioner failure.
  • Improve the area’s cooling effectiveness.
  • Fix any leaky water lines and unclog any blocked drains.


This cleaning method is somewhat more costly since it requires the use of chemicals, supplies, instruments, and technical knowledge.

How frequently should you do an aircon chemical overhaul?

It is not advisable to do this on a routine basis because the procedure can potentially harm the coils. Therefore, depending on how frequently you use it, I recommend performing an aircon chemical overhaul once every year.

Instead, you can perform simple cleaning every month by washing filters. You can even use a moist cloth to wipe the body of the interior fan coil after two weeks to ensure that dirt does not accumulate in the filters. These easy steps might help to guarantee that your ac unit works properly.

Chemical Wash Vs. Chemical Overhaul

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  1. These are two different techniques for cleaning your air conditioner. The essential parts of your air conditioner, such as the air filters as well as coils, will be cleaned thoroughly with an aircon chemical washing. It serves to avoid the formation of harmful elements like mould, which can be harmful to your health. A chemical overhaul, however, goes beyond a simple chemical wash. It assists in keeping the air conditioning pipes clean, allowing for greater airflow and hence improved performance and reliability.
  2. A chemical wash is advised twice a year (after every 6 months), whereas an air-con overhaul must be performed once a year. Whether your air conditioner isn’t working as much as you’d expect, see an expert see if you need to raise the number of aircon chemical overhauls.
  3. In brief, an aircon chemical wash guarantees that your air conditioner is clear of contaminants such as mould, allowing it to create higher-quality air. However, the aircon chemical overhaul method improves air conditioning efficiency by replacing worn-out parts. You should do both servicing techniques on your air conditioner to guarantee improved maintenance and longevity.

As a result of reading all of the above and understanding the distinction between an aircon chemical overhaul and a chemical wash, you can finally make a better decision about the type of maintenance your air conditioner requires. It’s vital to remember that failing to clean your air conditioner effectively and accurately using one or both ways severely affect its functioning and shortens its life lifetime.

You don’t wish your hard-earned cash to disappear after some years. An aircon chemical wash will offer you a mould-free device with excellent quality air. In contrast, an aircon chemical overhaul service will guarantee that worn-out components are changed on time, as well as a sprinkling of fresh air.

Do it right away!

Air conditioning is an essential element of our daily lives. It keeps us cool in extreme heat, so it’s no surprise that most people seek methods to save electricity and minimize their cooling expenditures.

So, please don’t put it off any longer and offer yourself some peace with a yearly AC check-upĀ www.airconservicing.org.

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