Rick Leventhal Net Worth 2024

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Rick is one of the most popular and successful reporters who covered news in wars, bomb blasts, floods, etc. Moreover, he was married to a famous actress and a model, Kelly Dodd. She is renowned for her TV series, Real Housewives. He has been an active journalist since 1987. There are a lot more interesting facts to discuss. Do you want to know more about his net worth, personal life, family background, career highlights, and other cool stuff? If yes, this article is perfect for you.

Without any further delay, let’s dive in.

Who Is Rick Leventhal


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Rick was a famous reporter born on January 24, 1960. He was a native of Kentucky in the USA. To concentrate and reach great heights in his career, he moved to New York.

Rick Leventhal’s Early Life And Family


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He studied journalism at the American University. After that, he worked as a reporter to gain experience and increase his knowledge of reporting and other aspects of journalism. Most of his family background and parents’ details aren’t available. However, his marriage life was too interesting.

He initially married a journalist named Penny Daniels and was blessed with two daughters. Then, he married Beth Shak. Soon, this second marriage ended with a divorce notice. Now, he is happily married to a famous actress and a fashion model, Kelly Dodd. Today, this couple has a huge fan base and craze.

His Milestones And Career Highlights

He has a great journalism experience in his entire life. He worked as a reporter for small New York newspapers and magazines. After a decade of experience, he got an excellent opportunity to work with the biggest news channel, namely Fox. This is a game-changer, and then he never looked back in his career. During his journey as a journalist, he has gone through disastrous experiences that almost made him died. He covered news in bomb blasts, wars, disasters, deaths, and natural calamities.

Less Known Interesting Stuff About Rick Leventhal

Here are a few less known and exciting facts about Rick that you might be interested in.

He recorded and covered news in Louisiana floods. He even recorded the death of the world-famous terrorist Osama Bin Laden on TV.

In his experience, he was involved in war zones to cover the news about wars. He has been to Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Kuwait, Israel, and many other fatal countries 12 times. Also, he barely went into the bomb spots to cover the news highlights.

In his entire career, he faced numerous death experiences. Moreover, on September 11, he was also included in the scenarios at Trade Center.

Net Worth of Rick Leventhal

According to the latest reports, it’s known that his net worth is around $3 million, and it’s going to increase in the next year. He is still working as a reporter for the news channel and covering spectacular and sensational news. He garners most of his revenue from his journalism. Also, he earns a few bucks as a senior correspondent.

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