How Long Do Roof Installations Take


One question that most people have on their mind when their roof requires replacing is how long it takes. Most people reckon it will last months and cause a lot of disruption. However, completion may happen in as little time as a day. Even with that said, it will depend on a couple of factors. We will dive deep into what affects the time taken to finalize the project.

Factors That Affect Completion


Installing roofs in Montgomery County can be completed in a timely manner. However, if you have bad weather, such as storms or rain, your roofer might want to wait a few days before they continue with the job. If you call out a roofer in the winter, you might expect it to take a little longer as the days are shorter. Hence, there is less light, so it makes more sense to continue in the day for safety reasons. In addition, it will also depend on how complex your roof is.

Roof Complexity

The complexity of your roof will depend on the size and if it has a lot of the following:

  1. Angles
  2. Hips
  3. Valleys
  4. Facets
  5. Pitch

Various parts or planes of a roof are commonly known as roof facets. Therefore, if your house has several, the job takes longer. If you notice that your roof is considered complex, then you should expect it to take longer to finish. This is because the roofer will need to work slower to ensure safety. This is because the complexities make it hard to navigate and lay down the materials. Thus, a simple roof without harsh weather could take a day to complete, and a complicated roof can take three days or longer.

Roofing Materials

The time for completion will also depend on the type of materials used.

Generally, slate or tile roofing requires more time and effort to install. They might take longer to lay than asphalt shingles or metal roofing. This is because slate and tile require more precise and intricate installation, which could be time-consuming. Additionally, these materials are often heavier and require additional support structures, which can add to the installation time.

Roof Accessibility

Roof accessibility refers to the ease with which your contractor is able to access your roof. Access for your roof replacement is essential because it enables the contractor to tear off the old roof, remove the old materials, and transport them to the dump truck. Additionally, it facilitates the transportation of new materials to the roof for installation.

You’re probably wondering, so what makes my roof hard to access? You might have trees or bushes that surround your house, and that makes accessibility difficult. In addition, non-paved surfaces could cause complications. This means that the work takes longer.


The weather is an important factor, as we covered above. However, there’s far more that needs to be understood. When you are working, and it begins to snow, it’s ideal to halt the process and wait. The snow or ice could become very slippery and dangerous for workers. Furthermore, when it’s extremely cold, it affects the seal of the materials. Additional care is required when work is carried out in temperatures 40 degrees Fahrenheit and below.

Speed Doesn’t Ensure Accuracy


When you are looking for your roofer to complete the task, don’t focus on the speed of the work. Ultimately, it’s better to wait a few more days and know that the job is secure and that the material you chose can last its maximum length. When the job is done too fast, you might notice tiles falling off. The quality might actually be worse than what you originally had. When you worry about speed over quality of work, you may even begin to have leaks, and all the money paid is a waste. Therefore, it’s paramount that when you speak to your contractor, ask questions that will help you understand that they care about the job. This is because you don’t want them cutting corners, as you will notice it. Thus, the work should be concluded in a timely manner while still maintaining quality!

Summing Up

Your roof holds all the contents of your house. Therefore, the installation has to be done right. Make sure you have done your homework before you choose any company. Ask the relevant questions and ask to see previous work. You want to ensure that they will construct the roof from quality materials and that the work will be efficient and effective.

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