Roulette Strategies


The game of Roulette has been a firm favourite in casinos around the world for hundreds of years now. Gaining popularity in a number of blockbuster films, it has become synonymous with big take-home wins.

Casino games are often split into two categories, viewed as either skill-based games or luck-based games. While at first appearances Roulette seems like a game that is completely based on chance, and your success is based on where the lucky ball lands, in fact the most successful Roulette players make use of a number of advanced strategies to ensure that they win. This means that it actually boasts quite a few of the elements that luck-based games do!

Progressive Betting


This method revolves around the concept of actually increasing your bet after you have analyzed each successive round of play. Perhaps the most well known variant of progressive betting is known as the Martingale system. The idea behind this method is that after every loss, the player should in fact double their bet. It is popular because it is easy to follow and is great for new or inexperienced players. However, it is in fact a risky strategy, and so very few experienced players will actually use it.

The Reverse Martingale, also known as the Paroli system, is based on a similar idea. However, in this strategy betting is doubled after each win, instead of after each loss. This strategy is also applied to whatever side bets are being made. Let’s assume, for example, that we’re betting on Black. We bet 5 and wait for the ball to come to a stop in one of the pockets. If it’s a black one, you’ll now wager 10 on the next outcome being Red. If it was red one the first time, you’ll stick to the original bet and wager 5 again.

The methods suggest that players will not win as often. However, when they do win, the wins will be bigger, and as such the overall payouts will be larger.

Oscar’s Grind is another progressive strategy, with the Grind part of the name arising from what your aim is using it, which is winning smaller sums more regularly. Oscar’s Grind works on Even Outside bets, the wagers that have the best edge for the player available.

In this example, you will start off with a bet of 1 and this will stay the same until a loss occurs. Now you increase it, raising your wager to 2. And this is where you’ll stay until you see a net profit. As soon as this happens, you will drop your bet amount down to 1 again. And if you see a win after several losses, you will raise the wager to 3. While it is not the most exciting betting strategy in the world, what Oscar’s Grind lacks in this department it makes up for in that it is highly dependable. It is a very safe system that ensures that you see a steady gain of small profits over time.

Non-Progressive Roulette Betting


These systems of Roulette betting work on a different basis. In these cases, players are encouraged to either keep their bets exactly the same throughout the whole playing session, or alternatively to change their bets as and how they feel.

One such method goes by the wonderful name of the James Bond Method. What players attempt to do here is to cover more than half of the table in bets. Because more than half of the board is covered, the idea is that the odds of winning are tipped in favour of the player. Of course this doesn’t necessarily mean that the odds do in fact tip. The difficulty here is deciding how to split your bets, and what amounts to place but this will be dependent on the risk appetite of each player.

Another strategy worth considering is a system based on betting on neighboring numbers. The player here is encouraged to take a bet and split it into 5 parts. These chips should be placed on five numbers that are right next to each other on the board, or alternatively next to each other on the actual spinning Roulette wheel.


Many players also place faith in the following strategy. If there is a specific number that feels lucky to you or you think you might win by  betting on, then also bet on the numbers surrounding it. Creating a nest of bets like this gives you the chance of winning even if the ball just slightly misses your chosen or lucky number.  These betting strategies are known as Called and Announced Bets.

If you are not over-fond of doubling bets all the time, the D’Alembert Strategy is something you should think about the next time you’re playing Roulette. It offers a much lower amount of risk in terms of losing large sums than most other strategies do. This is because, rather than rising your chances by 2X, you increased them by just 1X. More exactly, you increase your opportunities by one unit after a lss and multiply it by one after a win.


Of course, Roulette is a game of chance and you’ll find that out when you visit this site. As such, success in a session does come down to luck. Using a strategy does give players a sense of control over the game, and so it is always encouraged to at least try a strategy in each game and hope that it increases your chances of success.

Knowing when to walk away from the Roulette table is the best betting strategy of all! No matter how well your strategy is working, or how excellent the one you’ve come up with on your own is, you will never walk away with a huge win if you keep giving it back to the casino!

Set a time limit to your gameplay as well as a betting limit and don’t ever exceed this. That’s the only way to keep your Roulette games fun instead of stressful.

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