10 Smart Ways You Can Save Money On A Bathroom Remodel

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People often want to remodel their bathroom to match their house’s interior or to upgrade the design. The foyr.com features a plethora of bathroom remodeling ideas and bathroom design methods. However, bathroom renovation is quite expensive and makes you spend thousands of dollars.

Are you looking to remodel your bathroom without spending too many funds? If yes, then you are at the right place. In this guide, we will explain some of the best methods to spend less money during the bathroom remodeling procedure.

Top 10 Smart Ways For Saving Money While Remodeling Bathroom
Here are a few smart ways using which you can renovate the bathroom to give it a modern vibe without spending much.

1. Hire A Bathroom Designer For Building The Plan

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First of all, hire a bathroom designer to make a plan for remodeling your bathroom. Many of you might think that acquiring a bathroom designer is counter-intuitive for saving money. But, you need an experienced designer to make a realistic plan, which can prevent costly blunders in the construction stage.

You can acquire a professional designer by making a deal at an affordable rate. The pro designer can come up with a suitable budget-saving plan for renovating your bathroom. Besides that, the designer will assist you in checking out several designs that come up during the project planning. If you start remodeling your bathroom without a solid plan or a designer’s help, there is a high risk of failure.

2. Maintain the Bathroom’s Size and Layout

Expanding or altering the size of the bathroom could become highly expensive because the plumbing pipes need to be moved. By keeping the plumbing in its place, you can save hundreds to thousands of dollars. Besides that, moving the toilet release and sewer pipe is quite costly.

Make sure to alter the size of the bathroom only if it is vital to fit your necessities. During the bathroom renovation, shifting the items which can not be moved easily is also very expensive.

3. Inexpensive Flooring Alternatives

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As there are numerous flooring alternatives, you do not need to buy luxurious flooring by spending hefty amounts. Vinyl is a great choice if you are looking for stone flooring at a reasonable price. The vinyl is waterproof, highly reliable, fashionable, and is available in many designs and styles to match all the bathrooms. The vinyl flooring gives off an elegant look, and it comes in unique patterns, natural wood, and stone styles and designs as well.

4. Alternatives to Tile

It is not necessary to put tiles up to the ceiling in the bathroom. Besides that, filling the wall with Mosaics is quite expensive. Hence, you can use other materials to produce an elegant look in your bathroom at a reasonable price. It is better to use tile substitutes such as reclaimed wood boards, panels, batten, or beadboard.

If you want to cover the interior walls with tiles in the bathroom, you can use Ceramic tiles that resemble stone, wood, or marble. These tiles are a great budget option for a luxury look. Though wood needs extra maintenance, it radiates a more warm and comforting feel compared to tiles.

5. Frame Your Mirror

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If you are remodeling your bathroom, consider framing the mirror. Firstly, install a big mirror over the sink. After that, craft it with an elegant-looking frame that can be accessible at an affordable price. Framing the mirror can help in hiding the age-related damage present near the edges. Besides that, it gives off a modern vibe.

6. Choose Open Shelf Furniture

While trying to save money during a bathroom renovation, many of us tend to select small cabinets. However, you need ample storage space for keeping the bathroom supplies.

Choose the low-cost open shelf furniture over closed cupboards. If you have previous cabinets, it is best to repaint or refurbish them. Use them after renovating instead of buying new units. You can replace the doors of the cupboards if they look worn out.

7. Replace The Toilet Seat And Lid

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While remodeling your bathroom, it is recommended to replace the toilet lid and seat rather than installing a new one. Putting a new durable toilet seat and self-closing seat lid will make the toilet look like a new unit. Besides that, it reduces the plumber installation fees as well.

8. Paint The Walls

Instead of putting new tiles on the walls, painting the walls is quite effective for saving money while remodeling your bathroom. Ask the designer to pick the perfect colors that suit your bathroom interior. If possible, try to paint the walls by yourself, which curtails the labor costs.

9. Do Some Small Things By Yourself

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According to a survey, it is revealed that the labor cost takes up to 40% to 65% of the total bathroom remodeling expenses. Therefore, it becomes one of the most costly aspects of the bathroom renovation procedure.

As the tradesmen costs are expensive, it is better to do some small tasks by yourself. Changing the mirror, shifting tiny desks, fitting accessories, removing fixtures, and installing new taps are a few easy tasks. If you are confident or have previous experience, you can try bigger things. Hence, you can reduce an adequate amount of costs.

10. Sell Your Old Bathroom Appliances

Currently, there are many traders who buy old or unwanted appliances which are in working condition. Make a list of the fixtures which are in good condition, for example, the sink basin, pipes, taps, and bathtub, and more. After that, consider selling them to local or online dealers.

Get multiple quotes from different buyers and choose the one that fairly pays you more. By auctioning the old fixtures, you can get some money that can be used for remodeling your bathroom.

Bottom Line

Remodeling your bathroom is sometimes necessary, and they are popular for their high costs. But, using the above ways to renovate your home will lessen most of the expenses. Hence, you can upgrade your bathroom by saving hundreds to thousands of dollars.

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