Where Can I Sell My Phone for Cash?

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You just bought a new phone and you do not know what you should do with the one you used until recently. If you are doubting whether you can sell it, we will stop you right there. In fact, you should know that if you are looking for a way to sell your phone that you are not using anymore, we can help you with that goal. Whether you want to sell iPhone or Android mobile devices, you can find numerous different platforms on the Internet that will give you good purchasing offers. We did a list of the most reputable options for selling your phone for cash, no matter in what condition it is.

1. Rapid Recycle

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This trade-in service is very popular in recent periods because it provides a unique opportunity for not just selling your mobile phone for cash. Instead, you can exchange that old device for a new one with a surcharge. In other words, you will have a very good discount when you are buying a new phone model. With this option, you do not have to sell your old phone to get money for buying a new one. You can finish the whole process of selling the old and getting a new one very easily and effectively. The trade-in system significantly reduces the risk of potential fraud and at the same time provides you the opportunity to save money. If you want to take advantage of this generous offer, you can check rapid-recycle.

2. SellCell

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This platform does not purchase the phone directly. Instead, this site will help you in the selling process by comparing the prices instantly from all other sites that are purchasing devices. And it will provide you with the best purchasing price for your phone. Therefore, if you want to check all the sites in just one click, you can use this platform. In this way, you will not spend tons of hours looking for the best price on the Internet. Once you decide which site to go with, select that store and you will be moved to that site so you can complete the sealing process.

3. Buyback Boss

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The buyback boss platform gives one of the highest prices for phone devices when someone wants to sell them. In the case that you find an even better deal at some other online platform, you can go back to this one and provide them with evidence of that higher offer. This process is not complex. You will need to click on the button “Start now” and then select your phone. After this, you will get plenty of questions that you need to fulfill including the model of phone, storage, carrier, as well as condition.

You should not lie about the conditions of the device as there is no need to do something like that. After that, you will see an offer. If you want to confirm the offer, you are going to provide them with your email. Very soon, the buyback boss will send you an email in order to confirm an offer and pre-paid shipping label. You will need to print the label and stick it on the box and when they receive it, you will get the cash for your phone. They are very reliable and provide instant selling procedures with the guarantee of the highest price.

4. Decluttr

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This is a relatively young company, however, it gained a lot of trust from the customers for the services it provides. It offers a wide selection of different payment methods. A customer has the opportunity to choose from PayPal, check, direct deposit, and even a donation to a charity. The process regarding selling your phone is very simple, straightforward and it does not include the list of requirements or even images. Therefore, you are probably wondering how it works? You are going to visit Decluttr’s online platform through the browser or their mobile app. Then, you will answer some simple questions about your phone. For instance, you will tell them about the storage of the phone, current condition, capacity, and carrier.

When you submit your offer, the Declutter team will send you an email seeking you to send the phone for inspection. You will also get a free shipping label, so you will not pay for anything. The only thing that is very important to remember is being completely honest about the phone’s condition because they will not take it into consideration if the description you wrote does not match with the phone. Logically, in that situation, they will decline your offer and send you back the phone.

5. Swappa

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Swappa’s online platform is functioning at the same principle as eBay. However, the good news is that this is a way more reliable option. In general, this is a user-to-user service type that gives sellers the opportunity to create a list for different devices including mobile phones in exchange for PayPal cash. There is no third party included in the whole selling process. Sellers should put the effort into taking good pictures of the phones and creating a listing.

The things that are similar to the eBay site are for instance lower seller fees, easier communication of the buyer and seller, and the option of eliminating low-quality listings. Also, every item that is sold on the platform can be reviewed. However, you should know that this platform is more for phones that are fully functional and do not have any damage. This is a reliable platform, but you will need to pay for the shipping.

6. NextWorth

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NextWorth company is one very popular platform since it has a competitive price, procedure without the stress, and free shipping. Moreover, there is a locked price guarantee that lasts 30 days. Payment methods include PayPal cash or checks that you can get within a few days. The company accepts almost all mobile phones.

You will feen to fulfill the online form and if they accept your request you will get an email with a free shipping label. After they get your phone, you will wait for the analyzing process and if everything is alright, you will get your cash. In case that description and the device are not completely accurate, they are willing to give you another offer. More precisely, they will reduce the price by $10 which is something that no other service will provide you.

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