Which Shadowlands Dungeon Is Easiest For Beginners

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With the release of the first expansion of the gaming universe, World of Warcraft became an instant hit. The online video game offers its players and gamers the chance of role-playing, as it has many characters available from a lot of different classes. The game is filled with action and mystery and keeps the players coming back for more.

The developers of the game have successfully managed to keep the players and gamers hooked, even after almost seventeen years of the release. The release of additional expansions has been a key factor in this success. The game has had 10 expansions in its gaming universe, with WoW: Shadowlands being the latest, which was released in 2024.

With never-ending gameplay and such a vast map, it can become quite a task for players to finish off the game. To aid the players, many online web pages and guides are available on the internet, which the players can access and understand more about the game. Moreover, WoW allows its players and gamers to purchase different boosts and amenities off of the internet in order to ace the game. For more information, players and gamers can check out WoW Boost.

WoW is very famous for its signature dungeons, and Shadowlands has added to this magnificently. The latest expansion has a total of 8 dungeons, out of which 4 can be played at different levels, and the rest 4 are available at max levels. Given below is a list of all the easiest dungeons which are ideal for new players and beginners.

1. Halls of Atonement

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This is possibly the easiest dungeon in Shadowlands. Formerly known as the Ravendreth Cathedral, Halls of Atonement is located in the Ravendreth region of Shadowlands. The dungeon here is quite easy and, to be frank, can get a little bit boring just after a couple of runs. The bosses and villains are not very well equipped as well and do not put up much of a fight, and hence, can be killed off easily. The dungeon can be accessed at level 58 and is the only place where the players can loot Fragments of the Sinstone.

To enter the dungeon of the Hall of Atonement, the players are required to complete a quest called the ‘Abuse of Power’. Upon successful completion of the game, the players are permitted to enter the dungeon, where they are subjected to Lord Chamberlain, the final boss and the owner of the dungeon.

2. The Necrotic Wake

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This dungeon is located in the Bastion region of Shadowlands and can be accessed after completing at least 50 levels. This is also an easy dungeon location, and the players should not have any trouble with finishing the same.

This dungeon is the home of four villains and bosses, who are protected by their brethren, also known as trash. The Necrotic Wake dungeon is quite famous in the gaming community as it has one rare mount, the Marrowfang’s Reins, dropped from one of the bosses, called Amarth, the Harvester. The other bosses which the players can encounter in the game are Blightbone, the Surgeon Stitchflesh, and Nalthor, the Rimebinder.

3. Plaguefall

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Plaguefall is located in the southeastern end of the Maldraxxus region of Shadowlands. This dungeon requires the players to have a level score equivalent or more than 54. This dungeon can be a place filled with opportunities for new players, especially those of the Necrolord Covenant.

This dungeon also boasts a total of four main bosses, along with their guards. There are two (2) quests related to this dungeon and one (1) star quest, making it quite simple for players to access and finish the same. The dungeon of Plaguefall has a player limit of 5, meaning only one team can access the same at one point in time.

4. Mists of Tirna Scithe

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Located in the western parts of the Ardenweald region of Shadowlands, Mists of Tirna Scithe is a dungeon that can be accessed from level 56 and onwards. Usually, this particular dungeon is most useful to the members of the Night Fae Covenant due to its ability to interact with seeds and roots scattered in and all around the dungeon.

This dungeon is relatively harder than the one mentioned above, but this should not mean that these can not be accessed and completed by the first-timers. The dungeon has a total of three bosses, namely, Ingra Maloch, Mistcaller, and Tred’ova. The fights with these bosses can get a bit repetitive as they are not well-equipped with superior fighting skills. The dungeon is filled with many rewards and loot items, which can be accessed by the players upon the completion of the particular quests. Additional rare items are usually hoarded up by the bosses, which they tend to drop after the end of each battle or duel. Players should be careful and collect these as soon as they can.


The dungeons in the WoW franchise are a place filled with mystery and thrill. All the 8 dungeons of Shadowlands also follow a similar theme, along with being jam-packed with action and drama. These signature dungeons of World of Warcraft are now available in many difficulty levels, with Normal being the easiest and the Mythic+ being the toughest. All these dungeons can be accessed only if the players are in teams, and teams can have any number of players, ranging from 5 to 20.

All the dungeons are filled with loot items and rewards for the players and can prove to be very beneficial to the players as well as their teams. New themes and Mounts are constantly made available during the peak seasons, such as the Holiday season, Christmas, and Halloween. Players should be careful to watch out for these extra rewards and be regular with their respective games. The above-mentioned list of some of the easiest dungeons in WoW: Shadowlands would help beginners and newbies understand the game better, formulate some gaming tactics, and ace the game.

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