8 Ways to Make Your Wood Panel Walls Look More Unique

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When you talk to your friends, chances are that you will hear that wood paneling is not as popular as it used to be. However, when you’re talking to a professional, like an interior decorator or designer, you will hear that he is not entirely true.

As we all know, styles are always making a comeback after some time. We can draw a parallel between interior decoration and fashion. Just think about how many times you have heard about a fashion style that’s making a comeback.

You can rest assured that wood paneling is making the same comeback. In case you would like to take a look at fine examples of this approach, click here. To make your future choice much easier, we want to provide you with a couple of ways you can make your wood panel unique. Let’s check them out.

1. Fresh Paint

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The first way we want to talk about looks like a no-brainer. But, believe us, it can make all the difference in the world. Since the latest trends are saying that modern spaces should apply some lighter shades, you should try out this way. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t follow your needs and preferences. Try to make a compromise between these two ways.

2. Avoid the Screws

Adding some screws into the panels is a more secure method. Still, there is a chance that these will not look that good, especially if they are more visible than usual. Fortunately, there are other ways to create wood panels without using these.

Instead, try using a pneumatic nailer. That way, you will inflict just enough pressure on every part of the board, which will make them much more stable. At the same time, the nails will not be visible at all.

On the other hand, you can always add a touch of paint to cover them completely, without using a pneumatic nailer. So, decide on which one of these methods you want to use. In both cases, you will make them almost invisible.

3. Geometric Patterns

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Without any doubt, having only one shape made of wood panels will not provide anything special to the space. When you’re aware of this, then you should look for a way to make some geometric patterns.

Not only that it will make the shape much more interesting, but it will also provide a completely different atmosphere to the space. Combining this method with some other interior design aspects can do wonders.

There’s another thing we want to point out. Even some professionals make the mistake by thinking that they should use only a couple of geometric patterns. Instead, we encourage them to experiment and create some unique ones.

4. Whitewashing

Over time, wood tends to get a different shade for various reasons. For example, if you have white wood panels, they may slowly turn to light grey or light yellow after a couple of years. While this is not a comfortable thing to witness for some, some people do not have anything against this happening.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that the wood has become dirty, you should be aware of that. In case you want to return to the original color, then performing whitewashing is the right thing to do.

Sometimes, whitewashing can change the atmosphere within the room, which can complement the changes you’ve made with furniture. Think about how performing this procedure can help the overall style.

5. Retro

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It is quite obvious that no matter what sort of wood panel you use, it will have some sort of retro look to it. There is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t adopt this aspect completely.

Even if you’re not a fan of retro or vintage, you might be surprised with the outcome. Thankfully, you can have a preview before the project starts. To do that, ask the designer to present you with some samples before act the work.

6. Various Colors

In the past, wood panels came only in a handful of colors. While this was something good at the time, now we are in modern times. So, do not hesitate to include various colors into the mix and create something exceptional. Thankfully, the latest generation of designers has seen just how beneficial this can be. So, they are not afraid to make a combination of a couple of them.

7. Adding Stripes

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Some people are interested in having a one-of-a-kind design for their wood panels. It can be achieved pretty easily. One of the simplest ways it can be done is by adding some stripes between pieces of wood. Image a design where you will paint the wood in a particular color, and add some stripes in different colors, that will represent boundaries between each of these.

8. Texture

Finally, we want to talk about how wood panels can create an atmosphere. Even though we’ve said that color is important, that doesn’t mean that this is the only aspect you need to pay attention to.

To make things more interesting, try adding some rough-cut textures. There are three main textures you can implement into the mix. For instance, if you’re looking at the smoothest option, then planned boards are the way to go.

In case you want a circle-sawn, then you can expect a somewhat rustic appearance. It is important to say that this is the roughest out of all of these. Last but not least, we’re talking about band-sawn. It is not as rough as the previous one because the face has straight markings.

The Bottom Line

With wood panel walls possibilities are practically limitless. The biggest problem we can spot whenever they don’t have an interesting design is when there’s a lack of creativity on the designer’s behalf.

Use your imagination and you can do a lot of positive things, believe us. Here, you can take a look at a couple of interesting designs that can make a significant difference, even when they are not that hard to do. We’re sure you will find each of these equally interesting.

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