8 Reasons to Visit The Ardennes at Least Once in Your Life

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Belgium is a country of the best and chocolate, a country with incredible natural beauty that leaves no one indifferent. The capital is Brussels. In addition to its incredibly rich history, architecture, and tourist attractions, this city is one of the most beautiful European capitals. One of the most fascinating facts about Belgium is certainly its diversity.

The country is divided into two parts, the Dutch-speaking area in the north where Flemish is spoken and the French-speaking area in the south where Walloon is spoken. Belgium is one of the countries where people are quite physically active, so cycling and walking are very common. There are many reasons to visit Belgium.

The main reasons are the magnificent architecture, the sweet little towns on the lakes and canals, but also the big cities like Antwerp, Bruges, and Brussels. In this article, however, we will talk mostly about the Ardennes. If you’re not quite sure if this place is worth a visit, here are a few facts that will convince you to say yes.

1. The Ardennes tells the history

They say that you got to know a country when you got to know its history and people. The Ardennes are located in southern Belgium and stretch across Luxembourg, France, and Germany. They have a rich history because, during the First World War, German forces crossed the Ardennes and the river and entered France.

After the war, Belgium fortified its part of the Ardennes. In the Second World War, this area was not bypassed again, so the focus of the German operation was on the western battlefield. The battles in the Ardennes of 1914 and 1944 are still passed on to younger generations throughout history. It’s not bad to get acquainted with the history of the country, is it?

2. Hiking

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Hiking and walking through the forests of the Ardennes will delight you and you will see that every step taken is worth the effort. This place has been a tourist attraction for a long time, and the locals are happy to visit it, especially in the spring.

Some of the well-preserved medieval ruins can also be found here. Within the Ardennes, there are two nature parks, the Oewersauer Nature Park and Ours, both of which are different destinations with their own tastes. For more adventures, you can try Nordic walking with Alzette or Sure.

3. Beer lovers – get ready

Coming to Belgium and not trying Belgian beer is an inadmissible mistake! There are many pubs in the Ardennes, and at least one should be included in your tour plan.

4. Cycling

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We mentioned that Belgians like to use a bicycle as a means of transportation. Tourists have also seen the benefits of this two-wheeler and rent a garage, giving themselves an unforgettable ride and sightseeing in the forests and meadows of this place.

Given that the climate is influenced by the Atlantic Ocean and that temperatures are slightly lower even during summer days (average temperature is 18OC, cycling will never be more comfortable.

5. High Fens Nature Reserve

This place is located between the Ardennes and the Eiffel and is the largest nature reserve in Belgium. The flora and fauna are amazing, and the various mountaineering routes will meet the criteria of even the most experienced mountaineers.

6. Grand Curtius Museum

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What is it like to visit a country if you don’t visit its most famous museum? Once you are in Belgium, it would be a real shame to miss a tour of this museum located in Liege. The building is recognizable for its red brick construction, has been carefully renovated, and explores the history of art from ancient times to the present day. Plan a few hours for the tour, and if you want to complete the experience and learn as much as possible, audio guides are available.

7. Kayaking and fishing

This area is known not only for its wooded and mountainous areas but also for a number of various activities on the water, the most common of which are kayaking and fishing. Enjoy these sports, breathe in the natural beauty of this area. We are sure you will want to come back again. For those who want to feel complete freedom and sail through the past, horseback riding is also available.

8. Peace and quiet

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This is definitely one of those places where you can hear your own thoughts without feeling lonely. Many come to this area to rest, escape from everyday life, write a book. Therefore, it is not surprising that tourism is very developed and that there are many houses for rent. You can find more about it on this website. We can guarantee you ne thing – this is a vacation from which you will return rested and fulfilled.

Final thoughts

We know. They are everywhere. However, Belgium is a great Christmas destination because the medieval city centers are so wonderful in winter – all the canals, the lights with glitter, the ice rinks, and the stairs.

The Kingdom of Belgium is a Western European country full of romance, rich history, excellent food and the best beers, and of course – chocolate! As one of the main centers of the European Union, Belgium is characterized by multinationalism and multiculturalism, but also beautiful medieval cities and fantastic architecture. Never leave Belgium off your list of countries you must visit!

Belgium is a country in Western Europe, one of the founders of the European Union, known for the best chocolates and high-quality beer. The capital city of Brussels is home to most of the European institutions, NATO headquarters, its main square is on the list of the most beautiful squares in the world and is home to a number of different attractions. But in addition to the capital, Belgium has several other beautiful cities that are worth visiting, and we believe you will not go wrong for any to choose.

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