How to Properly Ship THCO and CBD to Japan from the USA


The third-largest economy in the world is Japan. Because of the size of this sector, medical devices and supplies are a common sight. Furthermore, countries in East Asia, such as Japan, are well-known for their preference for natural health therapies.

In 2013, Japan opened its CBD market to foreign investors. However, as with other nations, a lot has changed since then.

For a brief while following the legalization of CBD and THCO, Japan permitted the importation of CBD and THCO oils with THC concentrations as low as 0.3%. Imports of high-THC or liquid marijuana products began due to this loophole being exploited by a select few. Japan was forced to make significant revisions in the law due to this incident. Thus, Japan has now completed all traces of THC illegal to import.

Shipping THCO and CBD to Japan from the USA

Japan’s shipping of CBD and THCO from the USA would MHLW need to be notified of the application and all the relevant paperwork.

A certificate verifying the products’ provenance would be a smart addition. Generally speaking, USA diplomas hold more weight than those from other countries. Numerous regulatory agencies in the USA collaborate with regulatory agencies in Japan.

It would be best to import exclusively THC-free USA items rather than import any products that include it. In addition, it is still necessary to verify that the product was derived from hemp stalks or seeds. The presence of trace amounts of THC may not pose any health risks. Japan does not allow the import of any THC items at levels permitted in the EU (with a 0.2 per cent THC content). Some instances may be exempt from MHLW’s general rule.

Typically, Japan has a duty rate of less than 5%. Imported goods would also be subject to VAT. The value-added tax (VAT) in Japan is 10% of the item’s price.

.Many underdeveloped countries enjoy preferential tariffs in Japan. Finally, it is important to understand that any imported CBD and THCO products would need to pay 10 per cent VAT and customs taxes before you can sell them.

Rules to keep in mind

The Control of Cannabis Act


Since July 7, 1948, Japan’s Cannabis Control Act has been effective.

It defines and regulates ‘what cannabis can be used, who can handle cannabis, and who cannot handle cannabis’ in this act. Despite a few modifications, the show itself hasn’t been altered in more than 70 years.

Control of Narcotics and Psychotropic Substances Act

Defining and regulating all aspects of the supply chain are included in this legislation. That consists of the handlers, licenses, export and import laws, manufacture, distribution, storage, and disposal.

This regulation does not cover CBD and THCO products at first glance. It also lists synthetic THC and similar substances under the headings of “narcotics,” “narcotic raw materials,” “psychotropic drugs,” “psychotropic drug raw materials,” “stimulants,” and “stimulant raw materials.” you cannot distinguish THC originating from natural sources because the law only applies to synthetic THC. As a result, all THC and similar substances are prohibited in Japan.

For CBD and THCO products to be imported into Japan, importers must adhere to these two rules and submit all appropriate paperwork to the Japanese government before importing CBD and THCO products from outside Japan.

Every time a CBD and THCO product importer enters the country, they must be aware of these restrictions and be prepared to show the right paperwork to the authorities.

Other rules to keep in mind

Importers of THCO and CBD-based foods and cosmetics should double-check local regulations and get all necessary paperwork in order ahead of time.

Is it permitted to buy cannabis online in japan?

Yes. It is completely legal to purchase CBD and THCO oil online in Japan. CBD and THCO have seen a rapid rise in popularity in recent years for their medicinal benefits.

Even though cannabis is legal, the buyer must be extremely cautious about the specific formulation they purchase. You can only purchase CBD oil if it contains a negligible THC, as in various European countries. To be legal, it must have less than 0.3% THC.


The amount of THC in most Cannabis products sourced from outside of Japan exceeds the legal limit. Therefore, buying CBD oil from a Japanese company or one that formulates CBD combinations specifically for the Japanese market is suggested.

While many countries have set limits on the amount of THC found in Cannabis oil, enforcement is generally inadequate, and those detected in possession of oil that has more THC than is allowed face a fine. Cannabis and THC are viewed much more severely in Japan and can result in up to ten years in prison and a 3 million fine if convicted. When you’re in Japan, it’s best to buy your CBD oil from a Japanese manufacturer.

Is it permitted to buy cannabis online in japan?

Yes. In Japan, it is allowed to purchase CBD and THCO oil over the counter. CBD products have been readily available in Japanese health food stores as their popularity has grown by more than 100% year over year. For the reasons outlined above, it is suggested that all CBD purchased for consumption in Japan be purchased in Japan.

Is it legal to sell or consume CBD and THCO in Japan and the United States?

In the United States, CBD and THCO have taken the self-care market by storm. There were only roughly 200 million people in need, but it has grown into a $20 billion sector by 2020. As a result, you’ll find it from the corner convenience store to the beauty supply chain to the neighborhood supermarket.


From the comparatively innocuous to the life-threatening, a wide range of diseases is now being treated with CBD and THCO by many millions of people daily. Cannabis Sativa is gradually becoming a familiar word among many people, erasing the stigma connected with items derived from the plant. Premium Cultivars is offering various products on their website. You can check it and find suitable for you.

Many are getting on board with CBDs and THCO’s growing popularity and making them available to their people. Hemp flower, for example, is freely available in many shops, especially those aimed at tourists, in USA. In Japan and other Asian countries, you may wonder if CBD and THCO are legal. Visit¬†State Of Mind Labs¬†for more information on THCO!

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