What’s The Best Spot To Place Your Cat’s Litter Box – 2024 Guide

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Cats are one of the most popular choices when it comes to pets, especially in urban areas and smaller apartments. It will surely bring you a lot of fun and amazing memory if you adopt a kitten. However, the first thing to do is to learn more about the requirements and how to treat them in the right way so the cat can be healthy, joyful, and clean all the time.

The main difference between cats and dogs is that cats prefer selecting some areas in the home as private, and they need a spot where they could hide or deal with their physiological needs. That is the main reason why you should determine these spots right after you get a cat. When it comes to the place where it will sleep, it is much easier.

You can expect that your cat will rest all over the house, even in your bed. When it comes to physiological needs, they are more complicated since they prefer more privacy. Also, it will be much easier for you to keep the house clean when you get a proper litter box. If you are interested in some of the best litter boxes available on the market today, check out mainecoonhawaii.com.

The main issue is that most people don’t pay so much attention to this when they get a kitten. They will focus on finding the right spot for sleeping, while they are not aware that finding a proper place for a litter box is much more important. The problem is that the cat might refuse to use it. In that matter, we are going to analyze more about this topic in the following article.

Training Is Essential

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The best solution is to start teaching the kitten to use the litter box from the first day in your home. That way, the process will become much easier since it will require less time for the cat to notice that it is the only place allowed for her physiological needs. Another thing to know is that cats are very clean when it comes to their waste. Unlike dogs, they will always try to hide it from everyone. That is related to their instinct to hire traces and smell. Moreover, if you notice that your cat is refusing to use it, speak to an expert to check if any particular issues are causing it to avoid it.

In most cases, the technical features and the spot in the home are the most common reasons for potential troubles. For example, if you choose a smaller box, or don’t fill it with the right material, the cat will probably find some other hidden spot. That will cause a variety of issues. First of all, it will get hard for you to find the waste and your house will have an unpleasant smell. An even bigger problem is if you have small kids, who might find it before you and get infected if they touch it.

In that matter, try to determine some dark and quiet spot that will appear as well hidden to your cat. You will see how easy it will get for it to get a habit of using only that spot. The advantage is that you won’t have any issues with dirt, waste, and smell. On the other side, if you adopt a bigger cat, or you move from one to another apartment, things could become more complicated.

Since cats are relying on smell, cognitive memory, and traces, it can get hard for them to get used to the new ambient. In that case, the best solution is to place several litter boxes in hidden places around the home. You will then see which one of them cat prefers the most, and it will become a habit over time.

Keep The Litter Box Clean All The Time

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The cat will find it annoying if the smell is too recognizable and increased. Also, she might create a real mess around the box by trying to cover the smell. In that matter, we suggest you pay more attention and keep it clean all the time. The best solution is to empty and clean the box every day. When it comes to the litter, you should replace it once a week. The way of cleaning the box is to use baking soda because that is the most efficient way to get rid of the smell. Also, it is completely safe, unlike some chemicals.

Another great solution is to select a model with a cover, where the cat will have to get inside, and it won’t be able to move the litter out of the box. Moreover, we suggest you place the air refresher near the spot where you place the box. Besides that, you should keep it away from furniture and carpets since they might absorb the odor.

Another excellent solution is to try to learn your cat to go into the bathroom and place the box there. Still, it is important to keep the doors of the bathroom opened all the time. Also, some cats might be more afraid of water. There are different solutions, and the best is to test more of them to find the best one.

Last Words

The most important factors when choosing the spot for a litter box are noise around it, privacy, distance from the bowls for food, and freedom. In case that the cat can’t hide from people in the house, it will look for another spot. Also, it must feel free. Therefore, you should never pick a place where the cat can feel free and private. It might seem as this requires a lot of effort, but you will only need to find a corner away from food and the living room. There is a wide selection of boxes, but you should know that the design is not important for cats at all. Still, you can choose some distinctive models to fit into your home in a better way.

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