Stergo Media: A Brief History


Good things can’t be made overnight, and the same can be said about companies. The backbone of every successful company lies in its founder’s vision and its employees’ skills. Similarly, Stergo’s journey to success wasn’t sudden but came through a decade of sacrifice and excruciating effort!

A decade ago, the company’s founder, Aleksandr Suchkov, was on a mission to locate industry specialists to help him market his client’s products. However, finding an efficient marketing agency would not be too easy. Deception is common in this industry, and finding trusted marketers isn’t a walk in the park.

The market is full of marketing agencies that promise services they cannot provide. Many make big claims but offer no proof to back them up. Similarly, Aleksandr met countless marketing agencies, yet no one was able to provide him with the standards he was looking for.


This problem allowed him to set out to look for the best marketers the market had to offer. Aleksandr created Stergo Media in an attempt to bridge the gap between skilled marketers and clients who wanted a trustworthy marketing team.

Stergo Media isn’t like any other digital marketing agency. For instance, it only employs the industry’s most experienced individuals. Stergo’s specialists have a proven track record of successfully helping their clients generate new leads in competitive markets.

Stergo itself is located in a highly competitive region. The marketing agency is based in the business district of Dubai, a major hub for global businesses. Dubai is a focal point for the company, as it is one of the leading markets in the world. The city has immense potential to develop into one of the world’s greatest marketing sectors.


Dubai is home to a wide variety of sectors, and this has helped Stergo gain experience handling clients from various industries. Stergo’s clients consist of countless companies, influencers, bloggers, brands, and music labels. With the agency’s vast experience, it is capable of handling new clients from across the board, along with from emerging industries.

Stergo began operations working out of a tiny office, which was more off a room than an actual office. It was only 1.5 by 2 meters, but things were to change soon. Four months after its inauguration, Stergo was ready to move to the next level and expand its capabilities.

Stergo took a unique approach to scale its business. It didn’t go out and move to a bigger and fancier office, as that would have been a waste of rent. Instead, the company recognized its digital potential and took the company online. The firm was able to onboard the best specialists from all over the world, helping them cater to more clients.

Stergo’s expansion was a major success. The company was able to diversify with international clients, which is one of the major reasons it is recommended by businesses worldwide. Well-planned marketing strategies aren’t easy to execute; however, Stergo handles SMM (Social Media Marketing) with ease.

Stergo employs fourteen individuals who follow a coordinated marketing approach to ensure their clients are taken care of. Suffice to say, Stergo is the steppingstone for a successful marketing strategy for most businesses.

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