What Is the Best Way to Store CBG Oil to Increase Its Shelf Life?

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The popularity of CBG – Cannabigerol is increasing by every day. Therefore, we can freely say that it is rivaling CBD for the non-psychoactive cannabinoid characteristic. The reason why CBG is so popular is due to the therapeutic benefits it provides. The list of the benefits is so long that you will be surprised in which ways this product can help you. If you are interested, you can find more about them on Neurogan. Once the market understood the CBG’s value, the demand for these products is rising. However, since it is new on the market, the costs are higher than for CBD. Many people are actually not familiar with this product, especially what is the best way to store it and how long does the product’s life last. In this article, we prepared all the necessary information that will help you learn more about CBG.

How to store CBG oil efficiently?

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CBG Oil is a product that comes with lots of different capabilities and benefits, therefore you need to treat the product with care if you want to take advantage of its quality to the fullest. CBG – Cannabigerol is a natural product, so logically it has a shelf life. That is why you need to store it carefully because if you do not do that you will not get all its benefits for as long as possible. Therefore, knowing how to store CBG oil after purchasing it is crucial.

Otherwise, the improper storage of the product will lead to decreasing CBG concentration, or the therapeutically active ingredients will be decay. Moreover, the CBG oil will lose all the health effects, and you will just end up throwing money on something you didn’t have a chance to benefit from.

Therefore, let’s keep things simple and properly store the CBG oil. The crucial thing that you need to consider while storing CBG oil is keeping it in a dark and cool place. Also, you should not allow CBG oil to get in the contact with heat or moisture.

The degradation factors of your CBG oil

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CBG oil product requires protection in order to preserve for a long time its quality. Some factors are playing the most important role when it comes to maintaining the condition of this product. Therefore, you need to pain attention to it the most. Let’s list them.

1. Light

One of the factors that most influence the degradation of the CBG oil is impropriating light. Very few people know about the fact that lights produce ultraviolet and infrared rays that can make the CBG cells alter. CBG oil products have photosensitive character, therefore they can degrade very quickly if they get in contact with rays. The product will be damaged and useless as the outcome. Therefore, if you want to avoid this situation, you just need to keep the CBG oil in the shade or some dark place. You can place it in the refrigerator for instance.

2. Temperature

If you want your new CBG oil product to last as long as possible, you need to provide it with a cool place where it will be stored. Studies show that CBG does not tolerate high temperatures very well and due to those conditions it loses active elements. The ideal temperature for the product is under 21°C. This temperature will enable your products freshness and good condition.

3. Humidity

One more element that you need to pay attention to when you are storing CBG oil is humidity. It is very necessary to protect the product from any potential contact with water. Studies show that both water and humidity can create mold which will lead to destroying your products. CBG oil will no longer be usable and effective after that. Therefore, when it is time to store your new product, just make sure that the container does not include water or fog.

4. Air

The last thing that can damage your CBG oil product condition is the air. Because of that, we suggest you keep the container of the product as tightly as possible. Air contains molecules that are not visible to the human eye, however, they can degrade the CBG oil and make it less effective. Therefore, if you want to keep oxygen out of your product’s bottle, just remember to close the cap on the bottle properly after every use.

The Ideal Place to Store CBD

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In the conclusion, we can say that the best place to keep CBG oil products is in a dark and cool place. You can consider a simple closet or refrigerator. As long as your product is not in the contact with the previously mentioned things such as open-air, water, or sunlight, you will not have any problems with CBG oil conditions. In that way, you can use it for a long time.

CBD Shelf life

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If the CBG oil product is stored in the right way, you can use it and consume it at least 6 months to 1 year after you open the product’s bottle. However, you should remember that once you open your new product, the ingredients in it can start to degrade and the active ingredients can lose their effectiveness and beneficial qualities. This is why the condition of the product is very important for its shelf life. Therefore, it would be best decision to use the products regularly to get the full benefits of it. The longer you wait to consume it after the opening, the more you are risking it that the health effects of it are not going to be the same.

In case that you are doubting whether the product expired, you should check whether its color became darker or whether the product change its material or consistency. Also, if it starts to smell differently, the product is no longer usable. There are two more signs that the life of your product comes to an end – the product becomes thicker than usually which refers to the fact that its composition is changed and the taste is different which indicates that oil lost its qualities.

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