2 Best and Worst Strategies for Playing Online Roulette

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Gambling is easily becoming a science in itself. If you scroll through the internet with the keyword gambling you will see a lot of casinos being offered, a lot of games, free money, bonuses, but another thing is more interesting. You will see plenty of tutorials and explanations on how to “beat the system” with the best possible strategies.

There is and there should be a strategy in everything in life and that is why you need the best strategies when gambling. There are plenty of reasons for that and one of the most important ones in control. In gambling, you need to have control not only over the outcome of the game but control over yourself, your emotions and your finances. This is the way to success in everything and this is the way to success in gambling as well.

Today we will present you some good and worst strategies you can implement in online roulette- this is one of those gambling games that seems like it doesn’t need any particular strategy but you couldn’t be more wrong. Roulette needs a good strategy and today we will present you with online casinos that have real money roulette games which you can see if you visit this page. We will also provide some strategies that you can utilize to win and tell you about those you need to avoid if you don’t like losing money.

Winning strategies

1. Don’t risk too much

Roulette is a neat game and it tends to suck you in with its promises of high pay-outs. Most of you know that the pay-out for a single number you guess on the table is 35/1. On a $10 bet that would be a handsome sum to get but the reality is that you need some kind of dumb luck to hit your number. What we suggest is to take a low-risk approach and utilize the entire table to your advantage. The roulette offers betting on even or odd numbers, you can bet on one or more columns and by doing so cover up to 66% of the table range. You can do black or red bets and more. There is more than one option that is, truth be told, going to return a lot less to you, but they will be a bit more certain way of winning some of the casino money back. Most will tell you, and it is true, that this will never ensure 100% success but it will surely decrease the risk and have you sitting at the roulette table for a lot longer.

2. Take breaks

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Although it might seem a bit ridiculous, taking regular breaks, especially if you are going for longer sessions might be just the strategy to help you win big. It is thoroughly researched and the findings are that – the human brain does not tolerate long strains and efforts. After such long sessions where you are thinking constantly, changing strategies and emotions you are putting your brain in overdrive and it can’t hold for too long. The result of not being this is visible through lack of attention, poor judgement and emotions all over the place. In gambling in general the most important thing is to hold to your emotions and control them. Attention span and longevity are also important and if you do not allow yourself to take a rest from time to time the results will be devastating to your budget. The end goal here is to take one to three breaks in longer gambling sessions so your brain can relax, reset and start over.

Losing strategies

1. Patterns or biased wheels

What most failed roulette players/gamblers will tell you is to never hunt for is any kind of patterns or wheels that might appear to be biased toward a particular number or numbers. This is what buries a lot of roulette players down and what leads to bankruptcy and not a lot of fun. What you need to steer clear of is listening to anyone telling you that a particular casino, online or on land, has a roulette table or wheel that is spitting out patterns or being biased. It will cost you a pretty penny to try and verify that, and if it is true which is a long shot, it will cost you, even more, to try to win back what you already invested, if the casino does not change something on the wheel or the table itself in the meantime. Stick to what you know, stick to simplicity and never try to win huge money fast. It happens so rarely that it is practically a white whale of the gambling world.

2. Systems

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Now we mentioned that strategies are ok in roulette and you have to have them, but what about systems. Systems or at least one of those is particularly bad and devastating to roulette gamblers that utilize it. We are talking about the Martingale system. If you didn’t know this system will need you to double your betting money each time you lose and return to your initial bet once you win. This is a system that has shrouded in black many gamblers. Why?! Well, the fact is that this system goes by some rules that appear to be more than perfect on paper. What eventually happens is that those rules and systems that are perfect in theory get all messed up in the real world. This does not have to speak of casinos rigging their machines or anything similar, but it has to do with a lot more variables in a particular game that a theory, like this one, hasn’t considered. Steer clear of the Martingale system in roulette gambling as much as you can and double-check any other before you use them. Sadly, we don’t live in a perfect world.

The conclusion here would be to have fun gambling. Hunting for a livelihood from gambling is difficult and takes a lot of time and money. Having fun from playing for several hours is a likely outcome for 90% of us, so try to have fun, gamble responsibly, set limits and never invest more than you have to throw away. These are the gambling basics and these will keep you in the game for the longest whilst having fun playing.

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