Surveillance Techniques UK Private Detectives Use


Sherlock Holmes probably inspired generations of Britons to become private detectives. This is a great occupation. While many of us believe we won’t be needing this type of service, all of us might be wrong. There always comes a time in life when you need to investigate a certain matter. Why not leave the job to the professionals? After all, some of the techniques we’re going to list below you probably aren’t familiar with. So, let’s see the surveillance techniques UK private detectives use.


Discretion is an art. There’s no other way of putting it. People such as Private Detective Surveillance Services UK are without a doubt a discrete bunch. This is the essence of any detective work. To get any job in this domain done, discretion is necessary. We live in a time and age when technology has taken this job to another level, but no modern equipment can’t replace old-fashioned discretion. Without it, nay gear and technique will be futile, and you won’t be able to get the work done. The professionals in this domain are recognized for their discretion and this is their biggest technique.

Blending In


PIs are regular people. In many cases they are ex-policemen but this doesn’t have to be the case. In every other aspect, they’re regular citizens. What this means is that no trespassing is allowed. Hollywood sends a wrong picture about private detectives to the world. Instead, they rely on being regular Joe’s. this is how they get the job done. They blend with people on a certain level and get the work done by collecting info.

Going Online

We don’t want to exaggerate anything, but the first people that started using the internet the right way were private detectives. Of course, the government services did it too. For the average consumer, it was all about having fun. Today, in the age of social media platforms going online can solve a lot of issues. Of course, some of them get created this way. But, this doesn’t change the fact that the web is a great source of information, and an amazing way to conduct surveillance on someone. By following their social media platforms and usage of Google maps you can find a lot about a person if you want to.

Teaming Up


No one is invisible. So, no matter how a PI blends in and is discrete sometimes you just can’t hide your presence. This is why private detectives work in pairs or they team up with other agencies to cover up their tracks. Having a few people on the same case is a great way to finish the work faster and not get noticed in the process. Mixed couples are often used as it is easier to pretend you’re a couple, which is less suspicious to all parties involved.


Private investigators rarely work without taking notes of their work. When they’re on a surveillance mission, it won’t get finished in a day. No, it usually takes time. A good PI documents everything. He takes notes, and photos, and creates files of the case. After a long day of work, it is often that they go through the entire collected documentation to see if they’re missing something. This is how the job gets done.

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