Casino Attire: What to Wear to a Casino?


If you are used to playing at land based gambling places, and you are not used to going to traditional casinos, knowing what to wear or setting up a proper dress code can be a daunting task. Even though things are a lot different now, many people who prefer to play casinos not on Gamstop still associate old Hollywood glamor with modern day decadence and celebrity lifestyle even if it is just for an evening and relaxing from the stressful work life! Therefore, when deciding on the right casino attire, most people imagine that they must be movie stars! However, if you wear a tuxedo at a Mayfaire you will make people smile with your overdressed style! In fact, choosing what kind of clothing depends on the country, time and type of event you will be attending.

In fact, choosing clothes to suit regular gambling players and gambling whales is easier than you think if you follow these simple tricks. On this page we will guide you step by step on how to choose the perfect casino outfit to have a great night of gaming.

Dress Code Varies From Casino to Casino

The differences between the individual countries and the individual providers are sometimes considerable. In the USA, for example, it is common that there is no sophisticated dress code, even in the classic game. In Europe, on the other hand, there is a long tradition of visiting a casino in upscale clothing.

Ties are not compulsory at the UK casinos. However, it is pointed out that long trousers and closed-toe shoes are obligatory for men. In addition, an upscale leisure look is sometimes required. A customer who can visit all areas of UK gambling places may not be able to enter the Monte Carlo Casino at all.


The famed Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas, home of Bobby’s Room, the world’s most famous poker floor, among other things, has no dress code. We asked customer service for this information again especially for this article. Las Vegas casinos almost universally don’t care what customers wear. However, we have a hot tip: Especially in summer it can make sense to wear long trousers, since the air conditioning is running at full blast and the temperature difference between outside and inside can be enormous.

It’s Better to Be Chic Than Sporty!

When visiting a casino that has different dress codes for slots, poker and classic games, you should tend to dress smartly so that you can visit all areas of the casino if necessary. While you may primarily want to hit the poker floor or play slots, at some point you may well have the idea of playing a few rounds at the roulette table. If you don’t have the right outfit you have a problem. It’s also fun to dress smartly for a nice night out. For many gambling fans, visiting a land-based casino is a special occasion. In addition, male gambling visitors should be reminded that a smart suit or even a tuxedo is a real eye-catcher for the ladies.

The Right Clothing in Detail


Since the rules are very different in the casinos, it is not possible to give the perfect tip for every casino. A lot also depends on which games you want to use. The following tips are intended for casino visitors who are visiting a casino in the UK or another European country for the first time and want to be on the safe side.

Which Shoes Should I Wear?

Gentlemen: It is generally recommended to wear closed-toe shoes. They don’t necessarily have to be lace-up shoes, but a certain elegance helps. Visitors in flip-flops are at least excluded from the classic game in most UK casinos. A neat leather shoe that doesn’t look like you just climbed Mount Everest is definitely a good choice. Ladies: An elegant women’s shoe always fits. If you prefer dresses, of course, different shoes will fit better than with upscale casual clothing or a pants suit. Depending on the casino and game category, sneakers will do the trick.

Trousers/ Skirt/ Dress

Gentlemen: Well-groomed jeans are now sufficient. But if you want to be on the safe side and make the best impression, you should wear dress pants. The soft fabric also tends to be a bit more comfortable than jeans if you’re sitting at the roulette table all evening.

Ladies: It doesn’t matter if you wear pants, a skirt or a dress. But you should make sure that the clothes are elegant. Then you are always on the safe side.



Men: A shirt is clearly preferable to a t-shirt. In some places there is even a clear regulation in this regard. With a shirt you are on the safe side when it comes to outerwear. The shirt should be tucked in trousers because you’re going to a casino, not a party or nightclub. You should also avoid wild colors. In a casino, an understated look is the right choice. In some casinos, or at least in the classic gaming categories, it is sometimes mandatory to wear a tie or bow tie.

Ladies: Ladies are generally somewhat freer in their choice of clothing. For example, an elegant blouse goes well with a skirt. If only upscale casual clothing is required, a high-quality T-shirt will do. Overall, the aim should be to leave an overall elegant impression.

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