Turnkey and White Label Casino Elaboration: Key Differences

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The online gambling business is improving from day to day. New technologies are being adapted to the sphere, and more players join the industry. This area of entertainment is becoming increasingly appealing to investors that look forward to assembling new gambling projects.

If an entrepreneur wants to start a casino online, he can move in different directions. In case the budget is flexible enough, it is possible to order a turnkey casino. Alternatively, a cheaper elaboration opportunity can be a White Label project.

Let us analyse the main differences and advantages of both possibilities.

A Ready-Made Casino Project

The most common and wholesome way to elaborate a gambling portal is to order turnkey assembly from an aggregator company. It implies the development of the entire brand by proficient experts with the consideration of the client’s preferences.

What is included in the service, if you start a casino online on a turnkey basis:

1. Investigation of the environment. The analytical department studies the most beneficial destination to launch a gambling site and matches its peculiarities with the customer’s preferences.

2. Design of the site. After choosing a country of potential operation, the team of developers elaborates the portal, optimises its structure, and makes an appealing visual concept.

3. Integration of software. As the site is ready, games are getting imported to it. An aggregator typically works with the best manufacturers of gambling content, so the relevance of entertainment is on a substantial level.

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4. Assurance of legality. To start a casino online, an operator requires an official working licence. A specialised juridical department applies for a permit at a corresponding gaming authority to register the platform.

5. Auxiliary software installation. Apart from games, a gambling portal requires payment gateways for depositing and withdrawals, security insurance, and a customer management system for wholesome administration.

After a few weeks of elaboration, an operator receives a fully-functional gambling environment that is ready to host clients. The manager of such a project is responsible just for sharing ideas with the development team and monitoring the build-up process to match his expectations.

A White Label Casino Solution

Launching a gaming portal and spending ten times less than with turnkey development is possible.

In this variant, an operator gets help from the service provider in terms of sublicensing and software rent — the two most expensive stages of casino creation. At the same time, the manager of such a platform has to return around 40% of all monthly profits to the parent company.

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What are the operator’s main responsibilities under a White Label elaboration:

  1. Designing the site. The manager has to create a portal that will be able to host gamblers. There are 2 ways to do this: design it independently if proper knowledge and skills are present or order it at the studio.
  2. Creating the brand. It means that an operator has to have a name, logo, staff members, and everything else that shapes up a viable label. Even though the content and licensing are rented, the casino will act as a separate brand.
  3. Advertising the portal. Once all content is integrated and the site is functioning, the project can be introduced to the public. The operator has to identify the most effective and surely legal methods and combine them in a promotional campaign to popularise the brand.

The cooperative effort of a parent company and a client results in a functional gambling platform in just a few weeks. With such a development scheme, an operator can gain valuable experience, learn to manage the business, and earn serious capital that may be later invested into a fully independent brand.

Key Advantages of Both Solutions

Beneficial aspects of the ready-made casino:

  • All responsibility is transferred to the experts that guarantee a successful platform.
  • Sufficient resources can quickly turn a new casino into a competitive market representative.
  • An individual brand does not depend on anyone and can develop freely.
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Crucial elements of a turnkey platform worth keeping in mind:

  • The low budget of the launch increases affordability for a variety of venturers.
  • Renting software and using a sublicence cut the preparation time significantly.
  • The possibility to gain managing skills of the gambling platform and develop into an independent project motivates working harder.

It all depends on the personal preferences of an entrepreneur. It is beneficial to work under both circumstances, considering a service provider is a trustworthy company that understands the market situation.

Cooperation with the Aggregator

Numerous organisations offer White Label and turnkey possibilities. A future operator might be overwhelmed with the number of propositions, so it is most reliable to resort to a company with rich sector experience and a loud name.

2WinPower is an established gambling brand with more than 20 years in the sphere. A team of experts ensures a smooth elaboration of any project with a consideration of customers’ preferences.

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