How to Become an Unstoppable and Prosperous Entrepreneur


Nowadays, a lot of people are looking for a less tradition ways to earn money. Being an entrepreneur gives you some way of freedom because you can choose your own working hours, plus you are developing your company instead of working for others.

This perhaps is the greatest advantage of being the entrepreneur. But not everything is as great as it sounds. Because “entrepreneur” has a nice ring to it, there is a large number of people who are looking to become one. These “wannabe” entrepreneurs only want the advantages but not all the other things that come with it. And these things are the fact that nobody will have to worry for your business and you will have to do all the work in the beginning.

This entails working 12-14 hours a day, often not having a weekend off, not having enough time to devote to your hobbies. But if you already embark on this journey, you may want to become the best possible businessman you can be.

Here are some tips that will help you become an unstoppable and prosperous entrepreneur.

Take Risks

If you want to succeed in any area by yourself, you will have to take risks. The large reason why people don’t succeed is because they aren’t willing to take a risk. By saying so, we don’t mean to take foolish decision and drop out of school for example, or quit your job without any plan.


If you are working in a 9-5 job that you don’t love and you want to become an entrepreneur, figure out all the details and what you have to do in order to earn at least something. This means that you will start working 2-3 hours a day at first besides your regular job until you get things started. Also, it is wise to create a nest egg and have some money to survive when you do quit.

And when you quit, you should calculate how much time it will take you to get your new business off the ground. This is a risk and you never know if you will succeed, but you minimized it, which makes it a worthy risk to take. If it fails, at least you know what that you’ve given it your best shots. You can learn from your mistakes and do better next time you try.

What is the ultimate goal?

You need to know what you aim for. A lot of people will tell you to set realistic goal and not go outside of your means. Although this is safe, it will not get you far. And this is advice you can partly take. Let us explain.

You need to have the ultimate goal, which is different for each individual. Once you know where you are going and where you want to end up, you can divide that path into chunks and within this direction you need to set realistic goals. A realistic goal could be: “I will publish one post on Instagram every day and 3 stories”. This is totally doable and if you want to promote your business on Instagram, this is the best way to do it. Although it is not much, after a year, you will have 365 posts and over 1,000 stories on your page where you provide your followers with information, tips, tricks, advice, etc.

Your journey is doing these tiny tasks, but doing them every day.

Follow Other Entrepreneurs


Nowadays, there is a large number of entrepreneurs that you can follow and that you should follow. Although you want to spend as less time on social media as you can, often these people offer some valuable advice that you can use.

For example, Eric Tippetts is one of the popular motivational speakers nowadays. He started his career as an actor and model, but he quickly became an entrepreneur, helping people to reach their potential and develop their own business. He was named “Top 50 Most Powerful and Influential People in the Direct Selling and Network Marketing Industry Worldwide”

“Everyday, people are inundated with negative news, political turmoil, new coronavirus variants, and harrowing war reports,” said Eric Tippetts, founder of The Abundance Pub. “It can all be overwhelming, so I wanted to provide a place of solitude for those looking for a daily dose of light and positivity. The Abundance Pub features curated content including helpful articles, Pubcast interviews and masterclasses that shine a light on positive events in the world and offer tips to create a healthier, happier lifestyle.”

Don’t Be Afraid to Outsource

One mistake a large number of new entrepreneurs make is that they don’t outsource jobs. You may be required to do all the things by yourself at first, but quickly after you establish your company, find an accountant to take care of the financial aspect and taxes for you. This will make you focus more on the work itself.

Also, figure out what you are bad at and what you don’t like to do. You can hire freelancers to get the job done at first, especially since they aren’t expensive and they can do their work well. Of course, at an early stage of your entrepreneurship, you won’t hire anyone full time, but you can also look for part-time candidates or freelancers to jump in when there’s work to do. Outsourcing at the very beginning is crucial. You must open up as much time as you can do focus on the broad picture and figure out how to make money as soon as possible. Finding out those steps will motivate you to invest in people who will complete the bits and pieces of work for you.

Once you are ready, you will have to find someone to work with you full time. Although you cannot offer high salaries, you can always offer shares in the company and if you managed to establish it, their revenue will grow as well, so they will be just as motivated.

Just Go for it


When you start working, try to execute as much as you can and not worry too much if you make a mistake. This is a part of the process, but you will achieve a lot more if you work more and calculate less. Mistakes will happen all the time, but nothing will be done if you try to predict all of the potential issues and never start working.

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