4 Different Types of Bingo Games & Tips for Playing

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Bingo, as a game, is something we already know a lot about. It is a drum with balls marked with different numbers, while the player has a ticket on which he marks the drawn balls and when he completes them, he wins bingo. Of course, you can have some of the numbers on the ticket, but you cannot expect to win bingo at any cost. Therefore, for example, if there are 15 numbers in a combination, 13 and 14 goals are valid as winnings, but also other recombination according to the game organizer.

It probably seems like the game is the same, but we have to tell you right away that there are variants and they usually depend on the number of balls in the drum. For example, fast bingo has 30 balls, but there are also 75, 80, and even 90 balls playing.

More recently, you can even choose to play online, as independent casino sites and games of chance have become very popular among players. There are some differences between the physical organization of the game and the online version, but the principle is the same – you circle the numbers drawn on your ticket, if you have them, and hope for the best. You can learn a lot about this type of gambling here onlineunitedstatescasinos.com.

What is a bingo card?

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The basic version is 5×5, ie 25 fields with different numbers. At the top of each column is written the word BINGO, letter by letter. However, there are different tickets, for example, 3×5, 4×4, 3×3, and even more such layouts on one card. In the online versions, the drawn numbers are automatically redrawn, while in the traditional way, you do it with a felt-tip pen or just a usual pen.

Different types of bingo

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As mentioned, there are already different variations of the same game, and below we will list a few of them:

1. With 30 balls – fast bingo

This type of game is quite rare and is played during breaks between major games, but there are also loyal fans who are focused on it. It is usually combined with 3×3 cards, ie 9 goals should be scored from a maximum of 30 balls drawn. Ideally, this would happen with the first 9 balls drawn, but it can also happen that the winning ticket is not bought at all, ie there is no winner with all the goals. In some games, even all the balls are drawn until the winner is obtained.

2. Bingo with 75 balls

One of the most popular variants that are played on a 5×5 card, which has 25 fields, but 24 possible numbers, because the central part is usually empty. This variant also includes one row with goals, two rows, diagonals, and even other alternative patterns, depending on the approval of the game organizer. Of course, the main gain is the 24 hit numbers.

3. Bingo with 80 balls

This variant comes with 4×4 tickets, which are filled with 16 numbers. Rows, columns, and diagonals also benefit. There are also popular combinations, for example, corner pieces, combinations of horizontal and vertical lines, and of course, the complete gain when all 16 digits are affected. What you need to keep in mind are the alternative patterns that do not bring the main gain, but can bring interesting rewards.

4. Traditional bingo with 90 balls

There are usually three fields on one card, all of which are 3×5. In some variants each field is filled with numbers, ie there are 15, and in faster versions, there are 10 or 12, ie several fields are empty. During the draw, numbers are redrawn and bingo is obtained when a 3×5 field is filled. It is almost impossible to score 45 goals because statistically less than 40 drawn balls are needed to score a bingo. Of course, in this variant, there are different winning patterns that you will be informed of by the game organizer.

Tips and strategies to play bingo

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As you can imagine, there is no one-size-fits-all strategy to win. Many people even buy a few cards to increase their chances of winning the round. Each ticket has an equal chance of winning that game, while the odds do not depend on how many cards a player has. It can easily happen that someone with one card wins, as opposed to the one who has, for example, five.

Of course, the rules that we already know apply, to have control over how much money you spend and not to try to cheat, because it is easy to find out.

In addition, it is good to have more than one card, if it gives you confidence that you can increase the chances. Get ready for the game, grab a writing pen, study probability theories, and start with smaller games before joining the game. According to many players, it is important to choose your seat wisely, if you play with a physical presence in the casino. When you are at home, you are not obliged to do that.

Although this game requires almost no skills from you, you still need to work on speed and focus on the game to make sure you do not miss a single number. But even that is quite easy because they are usually combined in a way that you can find them easily.


Bingo is bingo, no matter which variant you play. You can choose according to what is available in your area or find online services thanks to which you can choose a game that suits you. With the online version, you have the opportunity to be even more creative and play on interesting patterns. Some of the houses give the free spins. For example, you can get 25 free spins no deposit canada.

In fact, you do not need math skills, because on each ticket you have listed the rules of the game. Therefore, you can really relax while playing bingo, because there is no need to think much about what is happening – just be fast enough to be able to note all the hits in time, so you won’t miss your chance to win.

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