How Long Do Compass Fiberglass Pools Last – 2024 Guide


When we set up our yard there is often plentiful empty space left to play around with. Some may plant a small garden in it, leave it as a lounging area, or turn it into a pool. The pool often is a big investment for those with a smidge more money to spend on a yard upgrade. However, fiberglass pools are their own story. Today, we are not only looking into fiberglass pools as a whole but Compass fiberglass pools too. We will be looking over their unique advantages and the benefits which are included with them.

Are fiberglass pools worth it?


You may be asking yourself whether the fiberglass pools are even worth the investment. Why not get a regular pool instead of this one? Well, there are a few key advantages that attract people to this style of pool.

Fiberglass pools are far more durable


The first one is durability. Due to the unique structure of ceramics used in the creation of these pools, you can rest easy knowing the pool itself will last for quite a few decades. This makes it a very easy choice for those who prefer to plan for the long term. It’s also perfect for people who want to build up their current household and don’t plan on moving. Once this pool has been set up, you won’t have to worry about the quick deterioration of its materials.

You can set them up quickly


The second advantage is that fiberglass pools are quick to install. The usual process of setting up a pool can take quite a while, even more so if your area isn’t perfectly level. With fiberglass pools, it’s possible to have them set up under a week in some situations.

While barely anybody is in urgent need of a pool, it’s still good to get the job done fast. After all, construction and pool installation can be rather loud as well as invasive to our daily lives so keeping them short and snappy is always good.

They are extremely low maintenance


It’s well known that installation isn’t the only cost of the pool. Maintenance can be quite a hassle to deal with post-installation. However, fiberglass pools require almost no maintenance. The composure of its surface prevents organisms from forming on top of it while the fiberglass’ inherent smoothness makes cleaning far easier. You don’t have to worry about rougher areas of a pool when engaging with a fiberglass pool especially due to it being made out of a single piece. Usually, crevices in the pool’s structure can house bacteria and other harmful materials that need to be properly scrubbed out. With fiberglass pools, you completely avoid having to deal with them.

Long term spending is vastly smaller than regular pools


Overall, these pools just cost less. During their lifetime, which may extend to some insane numbers, you’ll save so much money due to its other benefits. The durability makes it unlikely that physical fixes will be needed or that cracks will form. There have been recorded cases of fiberglass pools withstanding strong earthquakes with only minor damages. The aforementioned cost of maintenance is also insanely influential when you take into account multiple years of use. With the longevity of the pool, that maintenance cost can save you a fortune in the long run.

How long do Compass pools last?


The main benefit of fiberglass pools, in general, is their longevity. These pools are made in such a way that they can easily endure over two decades without falling prey to the usual negative effects of their environments that wear out standard pools. They are built to last and with Compass fiberglass pools, you get even more longevity.

Ever since its inception, Compass pools aimed to provide the most durable pools possible. Their patents that stem from years of research provide more than enough added toughness to the pool without compromising the overall relaxation it offers. Despite being made to accommodate large quantities of water and chemicals, pools can start to wear off from constant exposure to them. The Compass pools delay these adverse effects by quite a big margin.

The ceramic composite design used in Compass fiberglass pools is the key to their toughness. Not only can they withstand immense pressure, but they are also able to resist chemical breakdown. Despite the frequent exposure to various chemicals, they will keep their form and function with scant issues. Lastly, the water absorption is basically none in these pools. They won’t encounter the same issues you may happen upon with other pools, which stem from said water absorption.

Compass pools come with a lifetime warranty that also includes 10 years of cosmetic warranty so you know the pool’s toughness is reinforced further with the available warranty. The pool can easily outlast the usual 25-30 years of life due to the aforementioned approach to its construction.

Further advantages and unique benefits that Compass fiberglass pools offer can be found on their site at There you can check out all the included benefits that come with purchasing their pools as well as some available models.


As we’ve seen, fiberglass pools themselves can provide you with some insane advantages when compared to regular pools. The sole advantage of cheap maintenance can already be considered a huge plus. However, it doesn’t stop there as we’ve seen. The toughness, longevity, and resistance to adverse chemical effects all stack up to provide you with the best possible set of benefits.

With Compass fiberglass pools, those benefits go even further beyond. The resistances are not only maintained but improved with their unique patents while the toughness is reinforced by that same design. That brings these pools to a point where they can easily cross the usual lifespans of the fiberglass pools with no issue.

Overall, it’s very much worth it to get a Compass fiberglass pool. Not only are you granted all the innate benefits of a fiberglass pool with some potent boosts, you also get a unique list of other advantages thrown in. The warranty offered by Compass pools being an example of their dedication and trust in the pools they sell.

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