Want to Be a Jedi? Take These Steps to Become One

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Star Wars is without question one of the greatest works of science fiction to have ever graced our screens.

Following the debut of the first movie over 4 decades ago, the franchise has garnered one of the largest fan bases in the world, with children and adults alike fantasizing about becoming lightsaber-wielding Jedis who protect the universe.

While it may not be possible for you to fly around space with a Stormtrooper, there are some steps you can take to become a real-life Jedi.

Memorizing The Jedi Code

The Jedi live by a code which is a series of tenets and rules that embodies their beliefs and governs their actions.

By memorizing and letting this code inform your thinking and the ways you interact with the world, you are already on your way to becoming a true Jedi. The code can also be a good mantra for you to take comfort in whenever you get worked up or things get frustrating.

Follow The Jedi Path

There are three pillars of the Jedi Path, knowledge, self-discipline, and the Force. The Force in this situation doesn’t necessarily involve moving objects around with your mind (although it can be part of it); it rather has to do with; your ability to be perceptive, convincing people to do your bidding, and your understanding of the true meaning behind things.

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To become a Jedi, model your actions after these three pillars by always seeking knowledge and maintaining self-discipline in your day-to-day activities.

Learn Some Sword-Fighting Skills and Martial Arts

Keeping your mind and body fit is essential for becoming a Jedi and one of the ways you can achieve this is by taking martial arts.

You can also take some fencing classes to teach yourself how to handle a lightsaber. If you intend to engage in lightsaber duels, take up some lightsaber dueling classes to learn some of the combat styles from the experts.

Get the Right Lightsaber

Although being a Jedi isn’t all about fighting, a lightsaber is still a must-have weapon for a Jedi. It is what the Jedi use to defend themselves and stand tall against the Sith and many other dark forces.

Each lightsaber style and the color symbolizes something different, so getting yourself a replica of the lightsaber you most resonate with brings you a step closer to becoming the Jedi you want to be.

If you want to go one step further you can get a combat-ready lightsaber like the ones sold at Padawan Outpost – with these you can have real-life lightsaber battles and hone your Jedi combat skills.

Practice Meditation and Maintain Inner Calm

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Inner calm is something you must have in order to hone in your full potential as a Jedi. Patience and stability (ethical, moral, and mental) also play a huge role here. Don’t let yourself worry or get riled up easily.

Practicing mindfulness meditation can be an easy way to get started on your journey toward achieving inner calm.

Harness the Power of Empathy and Compassion

The heart of a Jedi pulsates with empathy and compassion. Empathy — the art of stepping into others’ shoes — enhances our understanding of the world, creating meaningful connections. It’s the linchpin to peace, unity, and harmony amid conflicts.

Meanwhile, compassion is about offering a helping hand without a hint of expectation. A ripple effect of positivity emerges from every act of kindness, be it grand or modest, shaping the world around us.

Master Your Mind and Body

Master Your Mind and Body - become a jedi
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Jedis are not just proficient fighters with The Lightsaber; they are mental powerhouses. To train the mind, Jedi practices such as focused meditation and mindfulness are essential.

They pave the path to tranquility and a deeper bond with the guiding Force. Alongside, bodily training, through exercises and martial arts, instills strength, agility, and equilibrium.

This synergistic mind-body harmony fuels clarity and resilience, setting the stage for self-improvement and enlightenment.

Live by the Jedi Virtues

These warriors are beacons of moral principles, guiding their actions. Courage allows them to face fears and challenges, steadfast in their commitment to justice. Wisdom, gleaned from life’s experiences and continual learning, aids in informed decision-making.

Patience underscores the importance of restraint, providing time for understanding and resolution. And integrity, a Jedi’s foundation, ensures they stand by their principles and uphold their values unwaveringly.

Embodying these virtues lights up the pathway to purposeful living, acting as a ray of hope during bleak times.

Find Your Community

One thing is for sure; you are not the only Star Wars fan who wants to be a Jedi. There are several online communities where you get to connect with, share, and learn from other like-minded individuals and fans of the franchise.


Becoming a Jedi takes a lot more than putting on a costume and carrying around a lightsaber.

It takes self-discipline, inner calm, knowledge, and commitment to the Jedi code and path. Following the above steps ensures that you become the Jedi you’ve always wanted to be.

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