What Are Referral Codes, and How Do They Work? – 2024 Guide

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You might have seen your friends, relatives, colleagues, or anyone within your social network have shared a code or link and asked you to use it before making a purchase. These are redemption codes that are used as a part of a customer referral program to reward your customers.

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What are referral codes?

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Referral codes are a combination of both letters and words arranged in a unique manner to distinguish customer referral programs, or refer-a-friend programs of an individual belongs to by entering these codes. These codes are provided to every consumer as they register with the program.

Every time new customers register to the program using your redemption code, you are awarded some bonus points or redemption points that you can redeem for exciting rewards in the form of discount coupons, gift vouchers, store credits or sometimes even real cash.

The combination of letters and numbers in a redemption code is computer generated and different for each consumer. This method of reward system to attract customers is quite beneficial, and you can reward your loyal consumers who are helping your business grow.

The rewards system can vary from business to business, sometimes it is computer-generated, and you get a random reward, and sometimes the more successful referrals you get, the higher the rewards are. Also, there is a redemption link that can be used to invite a new customer and get exciting rewards.

From an existing consumer promoting the business using their referral code to a new consumer registering and using the redemption code to make a purchase, businesses can increase their sales by rewarding both the existing and new customers.

How Do Referral Codes Work?

By now, you must have an idea of what redemption codes are. Let’s understand how these redemption codes work. Follow these steps mentioned below carefully:

Step 1: Create a Customer Referral Program

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The first step is to create a customer referral program. There is various software that can help you with this. Once you have created a referral program now, you can provide your consumers with redemption codes or links so you can reward them for their loyalty and help you to promote and grow your business.

Step 2: Assign a referral code to the customer

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The second step of this refer-a-friend program is to assign a redemption code to each existing consumer. You can assign them the redemption code immediately when they register or create a new account on your website or application. Ensure that you mention the rewards on each successful redemption so that customers can start referring right away.

This customer referral program is also a unique way to show your consumers that you actually care about them and their help to support your company by giving them extra rewards. These unique codes are linked with each customer and also ensure that they are receiving their rewards. You can also keep track of your successful referrals so you can aim for more rewards.

Step 3: Motivate the customers to share their code

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The third step is to motivate the consumers to share their code with their family, friends, relatives, colleagues, and everyone they know. This is the major step because first, this will help you to promote and grow your business, and your customers can earn several rewards for their loyalty towards your products and services.

You can also partner with influencers or celebrities to promote your customer referrals program so more and more people can be aware of this, and people can actively participate to earn rewards for themselves.

Nowadays, with the boom of social media platforms, people can easily share their unique codes at once amongst their social network instead of messaging them individually. With the help of social media platforms, there are more chances of getting more successful referrals.

Ensure that your consumers are well aware of the rewards, and it is enough to lure them to this program. Sometimes people might often forget about the program. The best way to give them a reminder is by adding a banner on the homepage of your website or during checkout about the opportunity to earn discount coupons, gift cards, store credits and other rewards you are offering.

You can also provide your highly influencing consumers with their personalised redemption code, like starting with their name, so it can be easy for people to recall their codes, and no doubt it will encourage them to share amongst more individuals to earn more rewards.

Step 4: Collect referral codes from your customers after each purchase

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The last step will be collecting these redemption codes from your customers. To provide rewards to your consumers, you will have to find a way to collect these codes from them. Luckily for online stores and e-commerce businesses, it is easy to track successful referrals.

You can provide a space to enter redemption codes for new customers while registering for a new account, and after a successful purchase, the customer whose redemption code was used can get their rewards. But for offline transactions, or can be quite difficult but not impossible.

You can provide them with a referral form or an e-commerce checkout where they can enter the codes themselves, or you can instruct your staff to collect the codes manually at the cash counter during checkout.

The Bottom-line

Referral code is a unique way to boost your company sales, lure new customers, and keep existing ones by giving them extra rewards whenever a successful referral makes a purchase.

Customer referral programs are most effective if your company has an online website or application. With the help of referral program software, you can easily regulate the complete process.

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