When Are Licensed Plumbers Needed To Fix Your Broken Toilet?

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Toilet problems are never fun and they almost always appear when you don’t need them. They often turn out to be messy and complicated and however, you try to deal with them yourself quickly and without having to hire a plumber, you will eventually hit a brick wall and have to raise the white flag.

Even though toilets don’t make for the most socially accepted or interesting conversations, a broken toilet can be a source of frustration. You might try to fix it yourself, but sooner or later, you’re going to have to call a licensed plumber who can deal with this problem.

Many problems might ache you and some of them are obvious while others are not, especially to the untrained eye, which is why you will have to leave these matters to pros. Even if you think you can do something by yourself, to save money and to show yourself that you are useful, please don’t try anything because it is very likely you will make things even worse.

These are some of the hints that you may need to contact an expert.

Clogged toilet:

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This is probably the most common problem that happens, but most of us aren’t sure why. Is it the excess of paper and other things showed down the toilet or is it just a bad plumbing system in total? Whatever the problem is clogged toilets, although easy to deal with, should be left to pros.

When a toilet is clogged, many of us will have the heroic urge to reach upon a plunger and try to fix the problem ourselves. Unfortunately, the result often doesn’t go our way, and our clogging problem remains intact. You might think that you dealt with the problem but you, might as well, made things even worse by clogging the toilet even more which will lead to more bad things.

If the remains or you can see the brown toilet water seeping into other parts of your bathroom, you should immediately call a licensed plumber who can deal with this situation.

Slow flush:

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This problem is usually much more complicated than a clogged toilet. When your flush speed slows down or even stops, your first instinct might be to grab anything thin and flexible to try and poke the problem out, but what you don’t know is that the problem is usually much bigger.

A slow flush usually indicates that it is a huge build-up in your drain pipes. If you try and force more water down the drain to help it move faster you might end with spillage and a huge mess in your bathroom. You should never let this situation escalate and visit a website such as royalflushsa.com.au to contact plumbers.

The situation might even end with a professional using a camera and a snake to clear up the mess!

The loose floor around the toilet:

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The worse thing you can have in your bathroom is a loose toilet. You know what we are talking about – a wobbly toilet is something no one wants to feel because it indicates a big problem that needs to be dealt with immediately.

If you sit on your toilet and feel as if the flooring around the toilet is starting to get loose and you feel as if the base of the toilet is unstable, you should act upon your instincts and call a licensed plumber. This is another one of those instances where the more you wait and hesitate, the bigger your problem becomes.

Imagine the entire toilet falling out of the floor! A toilet wax ring or seal replacement is usually the solution for this.

There also might be other problems like leakage around the toilet bowl that brought to bolt rusting and that loosen the tiles around it. Water holding for a longer period in places where it shouldn’t be can create only disaster and nothing good.

Leaking toilet:

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When water seeps through your toilet, it can be as easy as identifying puddles of water around the toilet area or hearing the drip-drops of water, but in many cases, this is extremely hard to notice as toilet leaks can be silent.

What you need to look for are the puddles behind the toilet where the pipe goes from the tank above the toilet into the bowl. There are seals, that have the task of stopping the leakages and they tend to break and rot which leads to leakages. Another problem might be the bowl itself with a small break or a hole from where the water gets out, but never mind the problem itself, if you notice water hanging around the bowl react immediately, you should call your plumber. This might seem like an insignificant problem, but it can also rack up quite a bill if you hesitate on this for a long period.

Cracked tank/bowl and Irregular toilet characteristics:

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An accident can happen anywhere, and the bathroom is no exception. If you have cracked your toilet’s tank or bowl, it needs to be replaced immediately. Leakages can cause plenty of problems, as we mentioned above, plus they can cause some hefty water bills as well. This is why you need to deal with these immediately. Bear in mind one thing as well, a simple change of the bowl or tank isn’t always the best solution and the only one for that matter. If it’s something simple as a seal or a crack that can be dealt with your professional plumber will deal with it easily and cheaply.

We use our toilet quite a lot in our daily lives, don’t we? So much so that we should notice a sudden change in characteristic or behavior. If you notice your toilet making a weird sound that it doesn’t usually make or some sort of bubbling, you should let a professional investigate.


All in all, toilets are very important parts of our daily routine, and we need them fully functional. That’s why you should never hesitate to contact a licensed plumber when it comes to their repair. One visit to a website or a call can go a long way!

Trying to save n these things by not calling a professional will end up costing you more money and nerves, not to mention all other damages that might happen to your bathroom. This is a no-brainer – when you have a problem like this don’t hesitate to call someone who can make the problem go away easily and hassle-free.

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