Will Lab Diamonds Pass A Diamond Tester?

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There is a wide selection of jewellery that you can find on the market these days. However, it is crucial to learn more about the materials before you buy one. The most popular options are precious metals like gold and silver, along with gems and diamonds. The benefits of these options are the quality, resistance, durability, and a chance to get a higher value over time.

On the other hand, it can be a problem if you rush when buying jewellery since there are many fake pieces as well. If you are buying online, be sure that the store is reliable, and that you will get a certificate that will prove that the jewellery is made of particular material.

One of the most popular details that people are looking for when buying jewellery are diamonds. The most recent trend is related to lab grown diamonds. A lot of people don’t know much about this option and whether the tester will show that they are real or fake. We are going to analyze more about this topic in the following article.

Main Features of Lab-Grown Diamonds

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First of all, we have to mention that there are no essential differences between natural and lab-grown models. They have the same structure since they are made of the same elements. In that matter, the strength and other features are the same.

The benefit of lab-made ones is that the process is fast. Experts in this area are creating the same conditions as they are in nature for creating this precious stone. Also, the advantage is that the price can be three or four times lower when compared to the one that is mined.

How To Spot the Difference?

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There is no way to notice the difference between the one that is found in nature and one that is artificially made. We have to mention that even the biggest experts in this area won’t be able to do that without some additional equipment. When it comes to testing, the most precise process is done with UV lights. The result when using this test on a lab-made model is that there will be reflections, while that is not the case with the one that is mined.

However, the biggest issue is that this tool costs more than $5k, and most stores don’t own one. They are using much cheaper tools to determine the uniqueness and quality. Still, the issue with cheaper tools is that they can lack precision. For example, the cheapest tool can be found for only $20, but it will show that even some other stones with similar characteristics to diamonds are also real.

Another important thing that you should know about the lab-grown option is that most of these producers are using small serial numbers that cannot be seen with the naked eye. The serial number also represents a license that ensures that the diamond is real.

If you carry your diamond to the store to check its value, the expert will know whether it is the natural or artificial one according to this number. It will also help you avoid buying fake products if you are interested in a lab-made model. Only those with a certificate and engraved serial number are worth buying.

Results on the Tester

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The typical tester will always show that the lab-made diamond is real. That is related to the fact that this type of jewellery is real and that there are no important differences when compared to the one found in nature. All of the features will be the same. The main reason why natural ones are much more expensive is related to rarity.

There is a much bigger issue with typical testers, which is the fact that they might show that certain types of fake stones are also real, especially when it comes to glass and zircon. Therefore, it is crucial to use a good tester, and not some of those cheap options. When you visit a well-known store, the person inside can easily determine whether the piece of jewellery is real or fake. Also, they will easily notice if the stones are made of crystal glass or zircon.

Another type of stone that has a lot of similar features to diamond is Moissanite. People with a lack of experience won’t find any difference, especially when you are looking at it only with the naked eye. Moreover, we have to mention that this material is also great for jewellery, and that it has a high value as well.

Still, that value is much cheaper when compared to diamonds, and you don’t want someone to trick you into paying much more for it. The best way to find the difference is by using the electric conduction testing, which is the most reliable way to distinguish this material from diamonds.

In that matter, you should never risk spending a lot of money on either the lab-made or natural diamond unless you are buying it from a well-known store with a certificate. As we already mentioned, each lab-made model will have a certificate and a serial number.

When it comes to natural models without a certificate, the place where you are buying is also essential. The reason for that is that you can never be sure whether it is real or fake, what the real color is, how much is its weight in carat value, are there any special cuts and other details that can lead to an even higher value, and more.

The Bottom Line

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The main issue is that there are different types of testing processes, and not all of them will show that the diamond is natural or lab-grown. The same is for finding a difference between real or fake one. In that matter, the key is to visit a well-known store where you can buy or test the piece of jewellery you already have.

In the end, buying a lab-made model is a great way to get high-quality jewellery for a much higher price. All of the features are the same, and the only thing that makes the natural one more valuable is the rarity seen in unique patterns and visual features that cannot be seen with a naked eye.

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