Wearing Your Wool Hats Correctly – a Guideline for the Winter Essentials

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Whenever the temperature records low and you wish to step outside, it’s essential to look beyond your hoodie and opt-in for a fashionable wool hat. And a woolen winter hat doesn’t just keep your head warm and cozy, but it is undeniably one of the ideal ways to add more jazz to your wardrobe status.

It could be a beanie, top hat, fedora, baseball cap, or a newsboy cat – the majority of the available wool hats are well suited for the women and men around. Therefore, you will always have several options to count on. To check out some of the best winter hat options, you can check out the americanhatmakers.com. However, with several options available, there is a possibility for things to get overwhelming.

In order to save some time to check out the multiple wool hats that there is, you can refer to this article. Here we have a list of all the styles that are popular and we have also dealt with some of the ways to sport the hat. But before you go on selecting any winter hat, it is necessary to get the correct size for yourself, so that you don’t make a mistake.

The different winter wool hats to choose from

  • The wool fedora

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A fedora hat is both alluring and timeless. And this hat has been a great style since 1889. Sarah Bernhardt is a French actress who wore this soft-brimmed hat that comes with a crease at the center for a play and made the hat gain prominence. And till date it’s the best winter accessory for most women. However, you can either play it down or up depending on the occasion when you have a fedora. And once you put it on, you will certainly get noticed.

It’s always best to choose a fedora that has a wide or medium brim. However, if you want to opt-in for a short-brim, it’s best to know about the trilby and understand how it differs from the fedora. Else, you might make a fashion mistake. Today, the hatmakers have come up with ample options in the fedora so that you can select the best one for yourself. If you are wearing a blazer or a faux fur coat, you can also wear a wide-brim fedora along with it to create a new-age look.

  • Wool newsboy cap

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If you want a style accessory that doesn’t have the formal essence of a fedora and is much dressier than a baseball cap, you should opt-in for the newsboy cap. And even though the hat got its name from the newsboy who used to wear this button-top hat round, style hat in the first half of the 20th century, the newsboy caps aren’t only meant for men. Today, women can also sport this hat with style.

If you want you can opt-in for one that’s made of antique leather or plaid wool if you want to have instant attention. At times, the newsboy caps do get confused with the flat caps, that is yet another great wool hat choice. However, both are different hat styles. If you want you can always layer the newsboy cap along with a cashmere sweater, a long-sleeve shirt, a camel coat, navy-colored pea jacket to look classy.

  • Wool beanie

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This hat might look simple, but it’s not basic! In fact, most fashion experts consider the beanie to be a flattering hat style for women and men and can be worn across all seasons. However, selecting a warm wool beanie is a stylish accessory for the winter, especially when you are walking down the streets or visiting any hilly region. And irrespective of you opting in for a looser style or a beanie that has a close-fit, they can complement straight hair, long hair, short hair and even curly hair.

A wool beanie comes with a rather straightforward silhouette, you can get as creative as you want with the colors and the styles. For instance, you can choose the pom poms, cuffed or the slouchy beanies.

If you want to wear a beanie, you can simply add it with a sleek leather jacket or a vibrant scarf to create a seamless look. And today, you can also research online for several looks that you can create with a beanie hat and opt-in for the ones you like better.

  • Wool beret

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This hat is the headgear of choice for an artist, but you can also carry it off with style. A wool beret isn’t just worn by the French who are known to have a sophisticated sense of fashion. You can also opt-in for this hat if you want to create a casual as well as a laidback style statement.

This hat is available in different sizes, and you can opt-in for the one that best suits your face. You can also choose from an array of colors if you want to make it look unique and stylish. For instance, there are berets available in shades like black, white, navy blue, gray, pink and chocolate brown. And if you are not someone who likes to play with colors, then you can opt-for the black beret.

This hat has a round crown, but its silhouette is usually flat at the center so that it can fit in perfectly. You can also use this hat as an accessory by opting-in for a pair of sunglasses and letting your hair loose. And you can add this hat with other clothing styles like the mini skirt, blazer or a faux fur coat to look gorgeous and stylish!

  • Wool flat cap

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This hat is similar to the newsboy cap in terms of its smooth and sleek silhouette, but it’s more casual. A wool flat cap is the best hat to opt-in for if you are looking for a style accessory that can complement your smart casual wear. This hat is not only stylish but also warm, so it’s perfect for men who want to look good in the winters too!

You can choose this hat in a wide variety of colors and patterns. And you can even layer this hat with other clothing styles because it doesn’t look bulky or overwhelming at all. If you want to add a twist, then you can opt-in for the flat cap that has a stripe design across the crown.

The wool flat cap is available in different shapes, and you can choose the one that best suits your face. For instance, you can opt-in for a cap that has rounded edges along with a sharp crown or vice versa. This hat is usually made of 100% wool, but it might also be available in cotton fabric too.

Today, most new-age men and women want to walk the streets in style. They like to be well turned out regardless of wherever they go. And winter is a great time to experiment with fashion trends. Woolen hats have a way to add glamor and style to one’s wardrobe. If you have been waiting to look your stylish best during winters, you can opt-in for the wool hats mentioned in this article and check the one that fits you correct. However, make sure to get your size correct so that you don’t look awkward.

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