AR vs VR technologies – 2024 Comparison Guide

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AR and Vr technologies are the two ways of seeing the world that invention in these techs can change the world. In some cases, people who are not aware of these technologies thinks they are both same. As you know with the invention of apps and techniques, these technologies are increasingly used in different technologies, so knowing the difference is essential. There is a one significant collective ability which is both of these technologies alters our perception of the world.

Augmented Reality

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Augmented reality is a new invention in the computer-generated images. You should know that AR is the enhanced version of objects with the help of images created through computer-based projection.

Augmented reality adds digital objects to a live or real-world environment to create a live and enhanced view of the real-world environment with computer-generated images. This tech might use Camera or Smartphone as a user interface. Pokemon Go and Snapchat filters are the best examples of Augmented reality.

There are further four types of augmented reality.

1. Projection-based Augmented Reality

The purest form of AR technology. In this type of AR, a light is projected on a surface or ground. In most of the cases, projection-based AR is interactive and appealing. The typical examples of projection-based AR are digital keyboards.

2. Location-based Augmented Reality

As shown by name, location-based or markerless augmented reality is used to provide more detail information about user’s nearby locations and environment.
If you are travellers and want to know more about your nearby locations to visit, you can use this technology. Location-based AR usually accesses the gps of the user’s smartphone and gives you augmented view on the screen.

3. Recognition-based Augmented Reality

Recognition based or marker-based augmented reality used to get in detail information about a specific object or item. This type of AR is commonly used in superstores and industries. Onscreen translation apps are also an example of marker-based augmented reality. In this, you scan the language through the Smartphone camera and get the augmented result on the screen.

4. Superimposition-based Augmented Reality

Replacement of real-word objects with augmented objects. FPS games are the best example of this type of augmented reality. In war based games, the soldiers have infrared, night vision and radioactive view, which is enhanced through augmented reality.

Virtual Reality

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In simple words, virtual reality is the use of computer technology to create or make a simulated environment. In VR, you view a completely different view than the real-time environment.
Head-mounted display in the VR is the most immediately recognizable component. This device which covers the head and eyes to make the virtual world accessible for the user which is useful in gaming, aviation engineering and medicine.

VR and AR technologies are different from each other. For example, in Virtual reality, you sense a completely artificial environment in the form of animated scenes. However, in augmented reality, the user experiences a real-time climate enhanced with computer-generated objects. In virtual reality, the user can relocate and can also look in every direction. That usually makes a real environment, and the user feels that he is physically there.

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