How to Avoid Being Bored While Leveling in World of Warcraft


There is no denying how popular and diverse World of Warcraft is in terms of content and gameplay mechanics. Any game would have plenty of things to do if it were on the market for over 17 years, but WoW has the privilege of doing it in a certain way that makes it stand out from the competition. Thanks to the eight major expansions that have come out since the 2004 release of the original game, and many patches and updates in all of them, the live game has so much things to find, do, and try that it is nearly impossible to do it all.

However, at its core, just like any video game, World of Warcraft has one single feature that it heavily depends on. Leveling.

Leveling in WoW


Bringing your character up from level 1 all the way to the current cap of 60 takes time, effort, and dedication. It is an obligatory mechanic and a system that needs to be repeated as many times as you want to have characters to play with. However, it is also one of the most boring things to do over and over again. For many players, leveling alts (alternative characters that are not their main) is out of the question just because of the leveling.

Despite them knowing the game inside and out, they do not want to go through the lengthy process and spend hours upon hours doing the things they have already done numerous times. For new players it can be interesting, but for those more experienced it is a nuance.

With that in mind, in this article we talk about how you can avoid being bored while leveling multiple times in World of Warcraft. Through some careful planning and a few smart choices, your leveling experience can not only be fun, but also different almost every time around. This should do the trick and make it less boring. There will always be some dull quests do go around that you have to complete due to story and progression reasons, but other than that each player gets to choose their own story and pick whatever they like most. Read on to learn how to avoid feeling bored as you level up a new character.

Dungeons and Raids


Relying only on quests to chase that max level is not the fastest nor the most fun way to do things in WoW, especially if you know all of the quests in all of the zones already. A far more engaging experience would be to level up while doing old dungeons and raids. Almost every zone has dungeons that you can do with others who want to level up. Similarly, there are many raids that you can do while you are at a level similar to those of the bosses inside instances.

The experience you get is great, you will get some nice leveling gear in the process that could last you a few more levels, and you will have fun downing bosses. You can always go back to leveling in-between finding quality dungeons and raids. If you ever come across one that is too hard for you, worry not. A boosting service can be of great help there as you hire the services of players with the best gear and the most experience. Learn more about raid boosting on

Pick an Expansion You Know Little About


As mentioned, WoW is currently in its eight major expansion, Shadowlands. Before you start exploring the things it brought to the game and level up in the new zones, you have to reach a certain level. Up until then, it is up to you to do it however you please. The newest expansion brought a fresh new leveling system in which you can pick an old expansion to level up through.

The quests and enemies are scaled down to give you a better experience. Some expansions are slower for leveling, others are faster. That should not worry you as you are aiming for fun. Not being bored means being interested in what the game has to offer, being glued to the screen, and exploring things you never knew existed. If you have skipped certain expansions from the past, pick them and level up in their zones. We promise it will be more fun that what you already know.

Play the New Starting Zone


With the introduction of Shadowlands, there is a new starting zone that doubles as a tutorial for everything WoW is about. A great short story, a selection of different quests, all complete with a dungeon to cap it off. The zone is called Exile’s Reach and you can choose to do it for every new character. It is a fast and fun way to get from level 1 to level 10, a much more efficient way of doing things than choosing race specific starting zones where quests are far apart and last longer. Even Exile’s Reach can get boring after a few times, but it is worth exploring the content of this uncharted island and maybe doing everything it can. It is possible to go over the 10th level there too and make things easier for yourself down the line.

Go Out of Your Comfort Zone


Maybe you like Alliance, maybe you are a Horde player. Perhaps Orcs are your class, or maybe Night Elves. Whatever your comfort zone is, stepping out of it means uncharted waters and a brand new experience. Choose a class you never played and make it a race you never tried before.

Having a completely different part of the world as your home is enough to make WoW feel brand new again, even if it is only for the first 20 levels. After that you can also pick a different route than last time. Try a profession you have never maxed before. Remember that they award experience too. Combining multiple factors that are all new to you in this way guarantees a different experience every time you want a new max-level character in WoW. It is a certified way to avoid boredom while leveling or at least lower it.

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