5 Cool Bachelor Party Ideas If You’re Tying The Knot In Chicago This Summer

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Bachelor parties are something that you either have to organize once or at least participate in one. When you have friends and best men that are witty and can make a joke out of everything, you will most definitely be a part of a once-in-a-lifetime thing.

Having to throw a bachelor party is probably one the biggest honours any guy and a true friend can have. Everyone spends a lot of time preparing this because having a perfect bachelor party will prove you are worthy of a best man title.

Now don’t immediately think you need to make a party like the one from the movie Hangover. No! you don’t need to go to that extent unless you are that group of friends. Bachelor parties today can be fun, wacky and remunerable without losing limbs, friends or demolishing half of the town. That kind of shenanigans will get you into jail sooner than into marital waters.

Planning a perfect bachelor party means that you have to research a bit, you have to know what the groom likes and dislikes and on that info decide what you want to do. In this article, we will help you plan a perfect bachelor party if you are in the city of Chicago or near with 5 ideas that you can use if you see fit. If we missed something check here – coolthingschicago.com for more ideas.

1. Start with a great restaurant

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Every bachelor party should start with some food. Planning for a wedding takes a toll on both the bride and the groom, they often forget to eat and drink regularly. Since your bachelor party will include a lot of alcohol you should eat well and eat in a great restaurant. We suggest you start with a Club Lago in Chicago. Very nice restaurant with great food, great service and a real atmosphere. It is in a nice neighbourhood that also looks like the place where you can go and get some after-work drinks. That just adds to the vibe of the place altogether. Everyone is nice and a party of several men will not be a problem. You can eat and drink and have fun without any problems.

2. The Pub

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The next thing after a good lunch or dinner is a good pub. The one we suggest is Town Hall Pub in Chicago and it is a place where you won’t regret entering. The atmosphere is like in a good old pub, the drinks are awesome and the service is more than good. Several people praise their jello-shots and gummy bears as the strongest fun drinks that will end up with a headache tomorrow if you go overboard. As far as other drinks we heard that gin and tonic are awesome, as well as an assortment of beers that should any pub have on their offer. So all in all a great place to stop or to end your party, it’s all up to you.

3. Let’s get a bit childish

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Krypton VR Lounge is an awesome place to have some fun as a group or in this case a party. This is where you can have fun with your friends and do it in VR because let’s be honest everything is better and more fun in VR. There are several games to choose from and you can pick whatever is more up your alley. There are action games, fun games and the staff is nice and friendly which goes a long way especially when a group is coming in and they all don’t know what they want. Overall it will be a great experience and something you will remember for a long time.

4. Golf

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The next idea for a bachelor party is a game or games of mini-golf, because why not. Big Mini Putt Club in Chicago is an awesome place to come and enjoy a game or two of miniature golf. It is a great place to have a bit of friendly competition and antics, and you can grab drinks there and carry them throughout the course. Imagine how fun and great a game of mini-golf can be when you are a bit tipsy and believe us you all should be because it is a bachelor party after all. The decor of the place is on another level, meaning that pictures from there will be awesome, and the selection of beers is incredible. So if you like what you read head on over to the Big Mini Putt Club and toss a game or two with your buddies. The course is super fun, not too intimidating but yet still challenging which means you will have a lot of fun.

5. A show for the end

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There is a place in Chicago that you shouldn’t miss for life. A place called Escape Artistry – The Railcar. Escape Artistry has two unique locations that house up to 6 different interesting and difficult escape rooms, each one fitted with original puzzle designs, that will make you sweat, that are handcrafted by Chicago artists. Choose your escape vilely and have fun in the procedure. Again another fun stops for any type of party, especially bachelor. Here you can work as a team to solve a mystery and to escape one of the rooms of your choice. The experience is great and you definitely won’t regret visiting this. It is a remarkable experience that is amplified when in a group.

Planning a bachelor party shouldn’t be a tough task. Yes, most of us try so hard to make the best one but what you have to take into consideration is that you and the groom should be preparing the party, and when working with a groom you should pick up on all his preferences and wishes, which makes it so much easier. With that info, you can organize the best party with no hiccups and issues. The places should be researched, and as we mentioned, if you are in the city of Chicago try and use these ideas for at least one to two stops – you will not regret it. We promise!

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