4 Cool Fashion Statements To Make At A Wedding

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Do you adore weddings too? For me, weddings are a special event that always awakens the emotional side in me at times. There is nothing more beautiful than when two people decide to crown their love with marriage and share this wonderful moment with their beloved family, relatives, and friends. The whole ceremony is a magical experience that will forever remain in our memories. From the moment we see the bride dressed in a white wedding dress, the groom in a dark suit who can not take his eyes off the bride, saying yes and swearing eternal love in the church, to the moment playing music, raising toast glasses, and heavy fan all night. Even if we forget some of these moments, which would hardly happen, they are always here for us to witness the countless videos and photos we take with a professional camera or with our smartphone. These photos and videos will exist to remind us of these wonderful moments.

What I most want to see during the weddings I attend are the outfits of the guests who are present there. Do not misunderstand me, the bride is always the most beautiful part of the whole wedding, she just shines, but sometimes the guests who are there simply leave me with my mouth ajar. The creations they wear and the pieces of clothing or jewelry they combine together just make me feel like I’m at a fashion show in Milan and I just can’t stop staring and admiring them. Not only did the girls manage to impress me with their looks, but the guys often left me stunned, they also have a taste when it comes to leaving a fashion statement.

img source: unsplash.com

This is the main topic of today’s text, how to show that you have a taste for fashion. And we will present you with 5 cool ideas on how to do it, do not worry we will not leave anyone out, because both boys and girls will be involved. We have something for everyone. So let’s start with the girls first.

Girls, I know you are goddesses when it comes to festive events, and your choice is always a complete hit. But here are some tips on how to add extra magic.

I have only one word to say and it will become clear to you immediately. Jumpsuit. Or is it better when I say formal jumpsuit? Girls, do not be limited by the fact that it is a wedding and you must wear a formal dress or skirt at any cost. Only if the wedding is not themed so you do not have a big choice, then you have to choose your outfit according to the theme.

But if you are not limited, feel free to follow my advice. With the ideal jumpsuit, hair loose or gathered in a bun, with high heels, you will look like the models walking the catwalks in Paris.

1. Jewelry

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This accessory is like a cherry on top, it makes the cake sweeter. So it is with jewelry. Although your dress is simple, without too many details, when you choose the right jewelry you will look like a fashion icon. For this purpose, you need to choose jewelry that will stand out. The bigger the better. As for our link details, can we add this sentence in the article: You can find fine jewellery on wedding at adinasjewels.com that you will surely stand out. If you are wearing a dress with bare shoulders, for example, choose a thick and large necklace that will decorate your neckline and thus complement the simple dress. The same rule applies to earrings. Do not be shy, feel free to show your emerald dangling earrings that you inherited from your grandmother. You will surely get a dose of compliments for them.

2. Headpiece

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Have you noticed that in Royal Weddings almost all girls wear some kind of headpiece? And how to compete to see who will have the most fashionable and beautiful. Why not do the same? There is definitely a large selection of headpieces to choose from. And it does not have to be something too eccentric. For example, you can choose a simple headband that will complement the beautiful braid or bun you have. Flower hairpins are also a perfect match for large pearl hairpins. It all depends on your taste.

When it comes to guys, they definitely do not need guidance because they know what they are doing.

3. Bowtie

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When I see a guy at a wedding wearing a bow tie, the word gentleman immediately comes to mind. Guys this is a must if you have no other idea how to delight in a festive event. In the last few years, bow ties have become extra popular for festivals, and they have started to produce them from other materials, such as wood. And the patterns and colors are not limited to black or red, but there are thousands.

4. Socks

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I do not know why, but it amazes me when a man knows how to make the right choice of socks when it comes to the right combination. Not only for formal events, but also in everyday life. Yes, the choice is too big, and that is why I appreciate when someone makes the right choice out of many to complete the evening look. If by any chance you have a wedding in the upcoming period, and you are looking for new socks, we suggest you take a look at nocoldfeet.co. Maybe this is where the right choice for you lies. They have a larger selection of patterns and colors, so it is up to you to choose the ones that best suit your taste.

I hope that anyone who reads this article, whether it is a man or a woman, that some of these tips would help him or her in the future to more easily create the outfit for an event. Not only will it help them, but they will also make the other guests delighted with their unique combination. Maybe some of the guests will like your style of clothing combination so much that you can get an offer for a job in the fashion business, you never know.

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