Are Engagement Rings Cheaper in Canada or The US

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Every woman wants something dazzling that will adorn her arm, neck, or face. But definitely, the thing that girls want to wear the most out of jewelry are rings. Was it an engagement ring or just a ring you bought for yourself because you just wanted to treat yourself to something special?

People have long believed that rings were an amulet and a symbol of power. All the great kings and rulers wore rings made of the finest jewels that could be found. Over time, however, man has given the ring a new meaning. By giving the ring to his beloved, the symbol of power turned into a symbol of love. The man who found his soulmate, the woman with whom he wants to spend the rest of his life, to share all the bad and all the good and happy moments, the woman with whom he wants to have children, in order to express his immense love and achieve them all these things he gives her an engagement ring. Just like Beyoncé sang in one of her legendary hits, if you liked it then you should have put a ring on it.

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In some lands, it is customary for male members to inherit rings from their grandmothers or mothers who have adorned the hands of beautiful ladies in the family for years and decades. And that ring is passed from generation to generation. This is a wonderful custom, but not all of us have such a treasure that we can store in the family for generations. There is another possibility, and that is to choose a brand new ring in a local jewelry store. Today there are countless options to choose from, whether it is gold or silver, whether we want precious stones or zircons, how many carats will be the diamond that will adorn the ring, and so on. All this depends on the preferences of the girl and of course, depends on whether we are budget limited.

The purpose of our article today is to make a comparison between US engagement rings and engagement rings in Canada. No worries, we have already done the research for you, and we are only here to present the results of that research to you. I hope you are satisfied with the end result, and that it will not change your primary idea of where you want to buy the ring for your loved one. And maybe you should change your mind because she certainly deserves only the best. So let’s get started.

As mentioned earlier, engagement rings can come in many sizes, colors, shapes, and the like. But how to choose the right one for your loved one. This bothers a lot of guys, and they always look for the opinion of a female person in their life at such moments, whether it is a mother, sister, or friend who can help them with the choice at least a little.

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When it comes to the jewelry market in the US and Canada, there is definitely a big difference in both quality and price. Here is an example if we are talking about a diamond engagement ring. You will notice that the Canadian product is significantly more expensive than the US product. Why is that? Canadian diamonds were discovered sometime in the 1990s. But it took them about 30 years to become one of the largest diamond producers.

During these 30 years, many things happened that influenced the growth and strengthening of the price of the Canadian diamond.

Primarily the weather conditions in which the diamonds were mined. To excavate a sufficient amount of gemstone requires special machines and equipment that can do it in sub-zero temperatures and bad weather.

The next thing that is regulated by the government is the resources that have to be paid and that cause huge costs. Such as employees working to extract those diamonds.

Third, to certify those same diamonds, which is also a long and difficult process that definitely affects the price of the product.

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Keep in mind that Canada does not shape and polish those gems on its own. Some of the excavated stones are sent to countries such as India, Israel, or Vietnam where they are cut and polished. However, some of the best-polished diamonds come from Canada. That is why they have been named one of the best manufacturers of dazzling luxury jewelry. If you do not believe me, feel free to just look at the range of valuables offered by and everything will become clear to you. Their jewelry is so refined and of high quality that I want to buy one for myself at the same time. I would just wear it that way because it looks phenomenal. And do you know what is a bonus at

The fact that they offer a free consultation to find the right ring without harassing anyone close to you, and will help you in your search.

In the end, when we summarize the diamond, it still remains a diamond, a stone that, thanks to the skillful hands of an ordinary person, can become the most beautiful thing in the world that will adorn the hand of your loved one.

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I read a nice quote somewhere, never use an investment and a gem in the same sentence, because the investment in this case is emotional and not monetary.

Not all girls want a diamond engagement ring, there are still girls who would be happy if you gave them a simple ring that does not have precious stones on it. Because there are people to whom the emotional connection means more than whether you will shower them with gifts and whether they will wear diamonds or not. Do not worry until you find the right ring that will shine, as long as you have the right person by your side you have everything.

You never know, maybe on the fifth anniversary of your marriage she will get the Canadian diamond you have always wanted to give her but your budget did not allow it.

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