6 Best Christian Movies And Documentaries To Watch In 2024

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It’s amazing how often faith-based movies and documentaries don’t receive the attention as movies from other genres do. It’s quite peculiar, especially when you consider the fact that these hidden gems are incredibly inspiring and entertaining to watch. If you were thinking about watching some Christian movies and/or documentaries, here is a list of six of them that you should definitely consider watching in 2024:

1. “The Three Wise Men”

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One of the first movies that you should consider watching is “The Three Wise Men”, an animated film that will tell you a story about, as the name implies, three wise men that are on a journey to see the Christ child. The movie was created by a Christian couple that already has some real experience in Hollywood – Carrie Cheney that directed “The Powerpuff Girls Movie” and Yarrow, the director of “Secret Life of Pets” and “Grinch”.

2. “The Last Champion”

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Next on the list is a film about an ex-Olympic wrestler that had his gold medal taken away from him after he was involved in a substance scandal. When his mother passes away, he needs to return to his hometown and face the locals that never forgave him for losing his gold medal. Cole Hauser is amazing as the lead actor throughout the film and it’s a moving story about forgiveness, tragedy, second chances, as well as learning how to live in the moment, not the past.

3. “Against The Tide”

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If you’re interested in watching documentaries, you must see “Against The Tide”. During the film, you can listen to Oxford mathematician and defender of Christianity, John Lennox, as he explains the existence of God in a way that everyone can understand. The documentary is hosted by actor Kevin Sorbo, and together with John, he travels through London and Isreal as they dive deeper into the truth.

4. “Baseball, Denis & The French”

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– If you heard about Paul Croshaw, you probably know that he was a long-time liberal activist. Throughout his movie, you can learn more about his life, however, you’ll also learn how he astonished his family members and friends when he decided to start going to church and become a Christian. He decided to do this after spending years of his life listening to a radio host called Dennis Prager, who currently works with Esti Prager Miami.

5. “I Still Believe”

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After their marriage, a young couple discovers that the wife has an aggressive form of cancer. The movie is based on real-life events and love between the Christian singer Jeremy Camp and his wife, Melissa. It’s a beautiful movie about love, God, as well as learning how to deal with difficult situations that life throws at us. K.J. Apa and Britt Robertson are the leading roles and the movie was nominated for 2 People’s Choice Awards.

6. “Free Burma Rangers”

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Last on our list, but as entertaining as the other movies on this list is “Free Burma Rangers”, a documentary on how two real-life missionaries Karen and David Eubank formed a humanitarian organization that helps people that live in war-torn nations. It’s possibly one of the best and most intense Christian documentaries ever made, especially since it’ll show you the real conditions people across the world live in.


If you’re interested in seeing some Christian movies and/or documentaries, you should definitely opt for watching some of the options we mentioned above. All of them are quite moving and they all tell a story about forgiveness, love, and of course, faith. So, now that you know what you could see, don’t lose any more time. Instead, go through our list once more and then determine which movie you might want to see first.

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