Blade Dance of the Elementalers Season 2 – Release Date and More 2024


Two months and twelve episodes are all about Blade Dance of the Elementalers Season 1. The series initially made to promote the manga struggled hard to maintain its ratings and viewership. However, the series deserves a second chance, and it will be more promising.

A Peek Into The Storyline


The story revolves around Areishia Spirit Academy, a prestigious institution dealing with research and training in elementalism. Through the academy, many young girls (only girls) enslave spirits through slave pacts and use them in a competition against each other in the Blade Dance Tournament.

One day, Kamito Kazehaya, an average boy, made such a contract by tricking Claire Rouge, a princess of a shrine. Even though it’s made by unfair means, it never happened in the last hundred decades.

Now, the Headmistress of the academy summoned the ‘talented guy’ and pushed him to take part in the Blade Dance Tournament. At the same time, Claire started following Kamito and charged him with stealing her soul, and demanded the status quo.

Now, the question is, what will Kamito do? Will he deny the headmistress and hand over the stolen spirit? Or will he participate in the tournament? Only the series will answer that!

Casting Choices We Can Expect


We can expect six main characters in season 2 of Blade Dance of the Elementalers.

Ellis Fahrengart is the main Elementalist of the series, who made a contract with the spirit of the wind. She is serious, talented, and brave and finally gets attracted to Kamito. Will her love work out?

While Areishia Spirit Academy is only meant for girls, Kamito Kazehaya is a boy. He is eventually pushed by the headmistress to compete in the academy’s Blade Dance competition.

Terminus Est is a pretty powerful sword spirit who can even exist in human form.

Claire Rouge is the first Elementalist Kamito meets in the academy. She has a dark past that she doesn’t want anyone to know and joins the academy to keep it in-camera. What’s her ‘dark past’?

Rinslet Laurenfrost claims herself to be the rival of Claire. However, she is a caring friend who stands by her friend’s side even in dire distress. Rinslet gets infatuated with Kamito. Now, what will Kamito do?

Fianna Ray Ordesia is a princess who is mockingly called the ‘lost queen’. She joins the academy to earn back her long-lost honor as a princess. Why is she mocked, and will she be able to regain her honor?

When Can We Expect The Release


As mentioned before, season 1 was a failure. It could only run for two months and experienced contracting viewership. The show miserably failed even to popularise the manga. Therefore, the release of season 2 is a faraway dream.

Summing It Up

Directed by Tetsuya Yanagisawa, the first season of the anime series couldn’t meet its objectives. We can only hope that season 2 will be released shortly, correcting the errors that had crept in the previous season.

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