5 Things To Know About Microneedling Before You Try It

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The world of cosmetics has been blasting with innovations and developments to assist your skin by making it look young and flawless. From facials to Botox everything has redefined the way you can control what your skin feels and looks like. One of the more mainstream treatments that have occurred with well-known celebrities and people alike is microneedling.


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If you have attempted to try every magic serum and ‘effective’ creams on this planet; yet are still searching for a viable method to treat hyperpigmentation, acne scars or discoloration, you should have a go at microneedling. Exactly as it sounds, microneedling is a minimally invasive procedure where an aesthetician or a dermatologist generates small punctures in the skin utilizing thin but long needles starting 0.5 to 2 millimeters in measurement. The needles in the device can be 12 to 36.

This activates the healing process of your body, encouraging the creation of elastin and collagen. Furthermore, whenever penetrates are made, items are applied to the skin’s surface, for example, vitamin C and hyaluronic acid can infiltrate further into the skin to create a more profound effect. However, similar to any treatment, there are a couple of things to consider before choosing whether microneedling is suitable for your skin or not.

Designated Spots for Microneedling

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Microneedling is frequently utilized on your face to aim:

  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Acne scars
  • Age spots; also known as sunspots
  • Large skin pores
  • Decreased skin elasticity
  • Uneven skin complexion
  • Different kinds of scars

Besides the facial issues, microneedling is additionally used to hide stretch marks in different regions of the body. According to research, microneedling successfully reduces blemishes on the thighs and stomach region when joined with fillers. Blemishes on other body parts may likewise be treated with this method. However, microneedling is mainly utilized for the face. To get a better overview of whether you should go for microneedling, we have compiled a few things you need to know beforehand.

5 Things to Know About Microneedling before You Try it

Below are some of the things you need to know about micro-needling.

1. Plan a Consultation with a Professional

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Always consult a licensed aesthetician or a dermatologist to check whether you are suitable for this treatment or not. The treatment is incredible for some unique skin types; however, let an expert choose whether or not it’s appropriate for you. Simply, make sure to pose questions about their particular procedures, alongside insights about their customers’ skin reactions, and afterwards ensure you are satisfied with those inquiries. Click here to avail the best microneedling services from clinics such as Gambhir Cosmetic Medicine.

2. What Happens in the Course of Microneedling?

The treatment starts by first cleansing your face, then applying numbing skin cream. When that produces results, regularly after ten to twenty minutes, the dermatologist or aesthetician will put on a serum that helps the skin heal and repair.

A microneedling pen is then moved backwards and forward all around your face — now, the needles are in an up and down motion to inject the serum inside. When the entire process is finished, another layer of serum is spread over as a mask which is utilized to cover everything inside.

3. What to expect in case you choose to add Platelet-Rich Plasma?

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Numerous individuals decide to add platelet-rich plasma to their process to quicken the recovery cycle, fix, smooth, and erase hyperpigmentation. On the off chance that you choose to add platelet-rich plasma, your aesthetician will take a couple of vials of blood from the arm and run your blood through an axis to detach the PRP, which will be utilized to cover the face previously and then after the whole process.

Is Microneedling Painful?

In case the possibility of tiny needles penetrating your skin seems like it would bring you much pain, you do not have to stress. The numbing cream applied beforehand assists with removing what specialists harmonize as minor pain during the process, yet what you can expect post-treatment is a touch of pinkness, similar to a sunburn. To say the least, a couple of tiny punctate scabs might disappear in a couple of days.

4. You will have to keep your skin hydrated once the treatment is over

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After the treatment, generously apply formulas that contain hyaluronic acid, moisturizers with ceramides and casually spritz hydrating water sprays following the treatment. In addition, at whatever point your skin feels dry, to relieve the region and soothe any redness, avoid using abrasive and harsh skin care items such as alcohol-based toners and exfoliators until it has cured.

5. Advantages of Microneedling | A Key Method to Young Skin

The prime reason individuals go for micro-needling is its capacity to revitalize the development of elastin and collagen, the way to young skin. With its ability to trigger the age of new skin cells, only a couple of sessions will deliver a recognizable decrease in deep wrinkles, crow’s feet and fine lines.

Microneedling Heals Sun-Harmed Skin

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Since collagen is the most fundamental approach to work on the appearance of your skin, you can turn around sun harm and discoloration, such as hyperpigmentation that occurs with melasma. It can assist smudged, brownish pigmentation on the face and color from sun-harmed skin.

Generally, it can help any harmed skin. It can fix any slackening skin, which is an excellent help for older males and females. Not only this, microneedling can help your skin pores as well. Even though it’s penetrating your skin, one significant advantage is the presence of more tiny pores. With the stimulus of collagen in and around the pores, they become full and appear shrunken.

A bonus attraction of microneedling is the improvement of product retention. It assists your costly serums with infiltrating the skin all the more productively and does what it should.

Possible Risks of Microneedling

A minimal-invasive treatment for skin inflammation and other skin problems, the technique is more compelling that more forceful skin may break out scarring. Similar to any invasive treatment, irrespective of the degree, there might be some incidental effects.
Many patients encounter slight skin swelling and redness, practically similar to a sunburn, for a couple of days after the treatment. The majority of the individuals can see their skin recover to its normal state within 24 hours just after their first microneedling session.

Final Thoughts

Microneedling is fit for dull and scarred skin, it also helps with stretch marks and other blemishes and fine lines. If you want younger-looking and healthy skin, go for a microneedling procedure and see the amazing results yourself.

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