6 Best Gifts for Your Asian Partner This Holiday

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Gift-giving during holidays is a norm for Asian people. And if you are dating an Asian girlfriend, giving them something personal can build a deeper relationship. However, buying them gifts outside their country can be challenging. It may be against their traditional customs or not part of their etiquette.

Before you pick a gift for your partner, consider their personality, interests, and how they embrace their Asian tradition. Giving gifts is all about the gesture. It is important to understand that certain items have a negative meaning to them. Some of these may mean cutting off relationships, bad luck, or evil.

If you have yet to decide what to give them this upcoming holiday, here are some gift suggestions you can give your partner.

1. Tea

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Almost all Asians drink tea. Even the trendy milk tea originated in Hong Kong and is one of the favorite refreshments of Asians at any time of the day. In China, tea is considered to be a healthy drink usually enjoyed by emperors and high-ranking officials.

However, it is important that you give your partner loose tea packs and not the ones in separate tea bags. Giving them tea that comes in teabags will look cheap and is not given with effort. In addition to that, tea bags can easily be bought in nearby supermarkets.

You may also give your partner an authentic milk tea blend. Usually, these are handcrafted and are made by master blenders from Hong Kong. Even a complete bubble tea kit will also make Asian hearts scream, especially if they haven’t been in Asia for a while. These bubble tea kits include tapioca pearls, shakers, and even cups and straws.

2. Tea Sets

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If your partner holds his or her tradition very much, giving them an additional tea set this holiday will also make them feel at home, even if they are far from their Asian families. Fortunately, these can be bought easily online or in Asian shops.

These tea sets are available in modern looks and in traditional porcelain sets. If your partner is frequently traveling, you can give them tea sets that come with a portable bag complete with a teapot, tea storage, and small tea cups.

3. Clothes

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Giving your partner new clothes is a good gift this holiday. You can give them winter clothes, such as a bonnet, gloves, a scarf, or a coat. This is a common gift, but it shows that you care for your partner and you want to give comfort, even if you are not with them.

You can buy clothes in an Asian-owned boutique. Usually, these clothes come in Asian sizes and are associated with Asian trends. You can even buy gifts in sets. These are practical gifts, but they can have sentimental value to them.

4. Relationship Memorabilia

Giving your partner something that will remind them of your relationship is one of the best gifs you can give this holiday season. For example, you can gift them a painting of your most memorable vacation, which can easily be ordered at https://memorialize.art/.

This will surely make their hearts melt, and they will remember every single memory of the trip every time they look at the painting.

A personalized photo album of your whole relationship will also be good. This will remind them how you started and how you have grown your relationship today. For a more creative move, you can include descriptions, such as when and where the photo was taken. This will let them know that you value your relationship very much.

5. Accessories and Other Stuff

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For your girlfriend, giving her a necklace would mean so much, and it shows how much you appreciate them. Adding a jade pendant will also mean good luck to them. Aside from a necklace, you can also give your girlfriend skincare sets or cosmetics.

Asian women love to care for their skin and always want to look good. You can give them skincare sets from Japan or Korea since these are specially formulated for Asian skin. Giving your girlfriend makeup from a big brand will also make her happy. Just make sure that the shades are within her preference.

As for your Asian boyfriend, you can give him a multi-tool set since Asian men are always on the go. Giving them something they can use on anything will keep them busy fixing everything. You may also give them portable gadgets such as Bluetooth keyboards, especially if they are always working. They can bring this during international travels or vacations.

6. Books

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Books are also a great gift if your partner is a bookworm. It is a timeless gift and will always have a place in their homes. You can give them books about their country or something that would remind them of their tradition. If your partner is a traditional Chinese, you can give them a book about Chinese horoscope or a book about Chinese wealth and power.

If your partner likes casual reading, you can also give them books that feature Asian characters. Some good examples are the Crazy Rich Asians Trilogy and a book collection by Haruki Murakami. You may also give them self-help books such as Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life or Tidying Up With Marie Kondo.

Which Would You Get?

If you are still having trouble finding the perfect gift for your Asian partner, do not worry. Many online stores such as Memorialize Art that carry various gifts for all budgets. Just be sure to consider your partner’s cultural background and preferences when selecting a gift. We hope this blog post has been helpful and wish you happy holidays!

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