Should You Double Your Bet Every Time You Lose?


Playing games of chance is fun, but the entire experience is much better when we end up with large profits. Now, to do so, we need to cover the basics first, and that’s something we will further discuss.

Set a budget


The most important thing when playing games of chance is to know when to stop, and since these games are so fun and one can easily get carried away playing, the best way to know the limit and when to stop is by setting a budget.

Doing so is beneficial for many reasons, mainly because it leaves no room to spend more than we can afford, and on the plus side, it will make the entire gambling experience much better.

Now, the problem here can be knowing when to stop when on the winning streak, but even here, setting a time limit and sticking to it can do the job. Even though it’s tough to stop playing when winning money, the streak must end at some point, and it’s better to stop while you are still winning.

Choose the right strategy

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Once you learn the rules of the game, practicing is the next step, and the good thing is that many online casinos have demo or trial versions of the table games that you can play for free.

Yes, this might sound like a waste of time as that expectancy, whether we will win some money or not, is what makes gambling fun in the first place, but setting some time aside and practicing will only be beneficial to our game and budget in the long run. Once you start playing, it’s crucial to pick the right strategy.

Even though some people will argue that the games are rigged, meaning that no strategy will grant sure winnings, the reality is much different.

Namely, there are plenty of tactics and betting systems we can use to increase chances and win big, and one of the most popular is doubling the bet every time we lose, otherwise known as the Martingale system.

How does it work?

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A great thing about this system is that it’s easy to learn, and in essence, it’s how it sounds, doubling your every bet when losing until you win. Now, there are several things to keep in mind when using this system.

The most crucial one is determining the initial bet, as you don’t want to go big here because in case you lose four times in a row, the fifth bet you place might be extremely big and even something you cannot afford. That is why one should always pick a smaller initial bet and slowly increase it if given a chance.

Another thing to keep in mind is knowing when to stop, and once you win, go back to the first initial bet and start over. It is a great strategy that works in the long run, but it can be a bit time-consuming.

The risks

Although the chances of winning are extremely high, doubling losses can be pretty risky, especially if someone is on a losing streak and does not know when it is time to stop. Each win covers previous losses, which is why one can play more than they should in order to break this streak, which is never a good idea.

Instead of spending all the money, it is a much better option to stop gambling, take a break, and try another day, as doubling the chips can result in losing all money pretty fast.

Is it legal?

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Many new gamblers are not sure whether using the Martingale strategy is legal when it comes to casinos and bookmakers, as this strategy has wide usage and can be used in different forms of gambling.

Well, the short answer is yes, and there is no need to worry that it is illegal, as no one can forbid you to double your bets whenever you want. Regarding that, the Martingale strategy can be used for different casino games, but also for sports betting on different sports.

Choosing the right website

The most important thing that should come before the actual gambling is finding a reliable website to entrust your money.

Unfortunately, it can be pretty challenging these days, as creating a website is not that difficult, which is great for fraudsters who use their knowledge to create a fake website and take money from people who are not experienced enough.

To avoid becoming a victim of fraud, one needs to be extremely cautious and check some important things when choosing a website on which they want to create an account.

The first thing to check is whether the connection is secure, which can be easily seen in the address bar, as if it is, there would be a small padlock before the address of the website. Besides that, each online casino and bookmaker needs to have certain legal certifications visible on their websites, and in most cases, it is located at the bottom of the page.

Checking many of them can be pretty time-consuming, which is why reading online reviews can be helpful, as it can help you choose a few of them that looks reliable and check them before creating an account.

However, if you are in a hurry and cannot wait to place your first sports bet you but do not have enough time to investigate the reliability of websites, visit bet365.

To summarize

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Gambling is a great way to spend some free time and potentially win some money, but it is necessary to be responsible, as it can be highly addictive. As we have already mentioned, setting a budget is a must, and it is important to know when to stop, or you can easily run out of money fast without even noticing that.

Martingale’s strategy or doubling the bet every time you lose is a great strategy, but it is still necessary to be careful, as sometimes it is better to stop and relax than to try to win back the money.

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