Should You Play Burning Crusade Classic Or Shadowlands?


Chances are very low that there is someone who never heard about World of Warcraft. This legendary title represents one of the most popular games of all time, and the story is continued for nearly 20 years. Moreover, this game managed to influence the whole gaming industry.

First of all, it is one of the first games that became highly popular as a new model of gaming, online multiplayer. Besides that, it showed how important can the communication between the players be, which is later used by many other developers. Not to mention the amazing features in WoW.

The main goal in the game is to build a character, which you can do by killing various creatures to collect experience points, items, gold, and other resources so you can improve the gear as well. Another excellent feature is that you can use all kinds of boosts if you are struggling at some point. If you are interested in getting a boost, check out WoW Boost.

Besides that, we have to mention the latest changes related to this virtual world. Since WoW is active for so many years, many players were enjoying playing it when it all started. In that matter, the release of Classic mode was a great way to bring back the nostalgic feeling, but with some advancements related to graphics and gameplay.

On the other side, the main story is progressing as well, and the most recent expansion is called Shadowlands. Therefore, whether you are a highly experienced player or a newbie, there are different options available so you can enjoy playing this game even more.

The choice is personal, and you should know that there are some important differences between these modes. Also, it depends whether you are a newbie or you already played this game before.

Reasons to Play Burning Crusade Classic


First of all, the main reason to consider playing Classic mode is if you were enjoying this game 15 years ago. Things were much simpler during that time, and WoW was at the top of the industry when it comes to modern solutions, gameplay, online communication, and more.

Many changes were introduced over time so the game will remain popular among people. The difference is that the most recent expansions are more about raids, teams, and completing missions, while PVE was much more interesting in older versions.

Moreover, relations with other players were much more important in the first versions of WoW. Besides that, completing a challenging mission was much harder in Burning Crusade when compared to Shadowlands. Also, we have to mention that exploring the world was much more interesting. We can notice that many players these days are focusing only on fast leveling and collecting the best gear.

Therefore, not many of them are interested in wasting time by checking various corners and dealing with irrelevant neutrals. However, things were much different back in the days, when the whole point was to go around the world in search of various items and kill neutrals for resources and XP points. It requires more time to reach the highest level, but it is more attractive at the same time.

Furthermore, we have to mention the difficulty of different modes. The Burning Crusade is much more difficult, especially when it comes to PVE. You cannot freely roam all over the map without worrying that you will get killed by some random creature of other players. Moreover, getting gold was more challenging as well. That means that you needed to play the game for much longer so you can collect enough resources for new gear.

All of these features are back with the introduction of WoW Classic. Blizzard decided to introduce an expansion for this mode as well, and continue the old story by bringing back The Burning Crusade in classic. This option is perfect for those who were playing it over 15 years ago. On the other side, it is a great way for younger players to check how things were in this virtual world back in the day.

Keeping Up With Latest Expansions


While Classic mode is an interesting way to remember some attractive things in WoW, another key feature that helped Blizzard to keep this game in a high position for such a long time is related to expansions and new stories that are released over time. The latest is called Shadowlands, which was released in 2024.

The point of each update is to bring some changes and new things that will make this game more interesting. The best new things brought with Shadowlands are Central Villain, Zone Design, new design for quests, new story, and focus on dungeons. Also, it is noticeable that developers are aware of how challenging it can be for newbies to advance in the game.

Therefore, there were some changes made when you are starting progress, which means that you will easily reach a level 10 through the Exile’s Reach where you can learn more about the main abilities of your hero, along with many other important features.

Besides that, the story is continuing all the time, and it is all connected in some way. Therefore, it would be a mistake to skip some parts, like starting to play Shadowlands, and then getting back on some previous expansions. If you are not interested in starting from older expansions, the best solution would be to play two different modes at the same time, both Classic and Shadowlands.

The Bottom Line

It depends on your expectations and experience with this game when it comes to the selection between these modes. The reason for playing the Shadowlands is to keep track of the most recent changes and new attractive features.

Also, there will be another expansion released in 2024. On the other side, if you want to have some fun by getting back to some older versions, the best solution would be to start a new career in Classic mode. We expect that Blizzard will continue releasing improved updates of older expansions as well.

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