Carl Lentz Net Worth 2024

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The famous Andy Warhol once said that there will come a time when everyone will get a chance at fame for fifteen minutes. While this quote perfectly describes his celebrity life, Carl Lentz is, nonetheless, a pastor, an evangelist, and an author.

Many of our readers may know him as the religious guide of the infamous Justin Bieber. Soon after this association reached the pinnacle of easy fame, his fall was marked with the subsequent events which followed in the year 2024.

Who Is Carl Lentz?

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He is a 42-year old American pastor born in the state of Virginia, US. Born on November 6th, 1978, Stephen Carl Lentz attended North Carolina State University for two years before the turn of the 21st century.

Furthermore, he secured his graduate degree in the field of theology from a private institute, the college of Hillsong Church in Sidney, Australia. During his graduation day, he met and befriended Joel who is the son of the founder of the global megachurch Hillsong, Brian. Together, they both went on and co-founded a branch of the megachurch and established the same in NYC.

Early Life And Family

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He is the only son of Cathy and Steve Lentz. Apart from Carl, Cathy and Steve had three daughters, namely, Corrie, Mary, and Bethany Lentz. He is currently wedded to his wife who goes by the name, Laura Lentz, and they live together with their three children, Ava, Roman, and Charlie. This might come as a school to our readers since Carl publicly announced on social media platforms saying that he has been unfaithful to Laura multiple times in the past.


His quick rise in power was launched and facilitated by his close association with Justin Bieber. In 2017, Bieber went way far ahead and publicly declared that Carl was not only a friend from the church that he visits, but also that he was like a father figure to him who helped him recommit himself to Jesus. At that time, he was the co-founder of the NYC branch of the megachurch where he was used to seeing many celebrities.

His rise was further triggered, validated, and endorsed when he made his appearance on the social media channels of Kim Kardashian. Additionally, he started showing up with the top-notch community of hip pastors like Rich Wilkerson Jr. He was the same pastor who was the wedding officiant of Kim and Kanye’s wedding ceremony.

He authored the books, Own The Moment and The One: Experience Jesus, which were published in 2017 and 2024, respectively. He was also interviewed by the famous TV celebrity, Oprah Winfrey.

But everything went out of order in the latter part of the year 2024 when the founder of Hillsong booted Carl out from his post at the NYC branch saying that he could not meet the prerequisites needed in an evangelist and accused him of violation of trust along with a disclosure of moral negligence. His wife was fired from her post too.

He was accused of sexual assault allegations by his victim, Leona Kimes, throughout her period of employment. She worked as a nanny for the Lentz family for approximately six years.

Net Worth

He is currently worth a colossal amount of 3 million USD. Much of his income comes from his primary job as a pastor. Being with celebrities has its perks and benefits. Also, his published books contribute a considerable amount to his income.

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