Kyle Kulinski Net Worth – 2024 Guide

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If you are a fan of anything related to unconventional politics or specially cut to cut, straightforward, and chill political commentary, then you must be familiar with the very famous and young Kyle Kulinski.

Keep on reading about this amazing and talented political commentator to dive deep into his early life, family, political and youtube career, and net worth.

About Kyle Kulinski

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Kyle Kulinski, or as we can say Kyle Edward Kulinski is a 31 years old political commentator from America. Kyle is the main show host and producer of his talk show called “The Kyle Kulinski show” on his personal YouTube channel named “Secular Talk”. He produces the aforementioned show which is affiliated with “The Young Turks”.

He holds the position of co-host of a free-spirited, modern, and very progressive podcast “Krystal Kyle & Friends“. He identifies and calls himself a left-wing populist plus a socialist democrat. He also holds the position of the co-founder of an organization named “Justice Democrats” known for being a progressive and leftist political committee, the candidates of which are famous for refusing donations from the popular corporate PACs.

Early Life

Born on 31 January in the year 1988, Kyle Kulinski’s family is of Italian and Polish descent. This 31-year-old YouTuber was born and brought up in the suburban regions of the Westchester County of New York City. He studied at New Rochelle High School from where he graduated in the year 2006. He attended college at Iona

College and in the year 2006, Kyle Kulinski graduated with a major bachelor’s degree in his primary subject of interest, political science plus a minor degree in psychology. Impressive resume, isn’t it?

Kyle Kulinski is also known for presenting his straightforward political views and he gives credits to his father’s early death because of lung cancer due to inadequate healthcare facilities, invasion of Iran in 2003, and works and writings of the amazingly talented Noam Chomsky for his early interest in politics and developing his political views.

Career And Major Milestones

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Kyle Kulinski’s significant career achievements and milestones include:

  • He started his own YouTube channel in the year 2008 which is named “Secular Talk” while he was still in college. He presents his religious and political views in a very harsh tone, unlike professional presentations. By 2015, he was able to make a full living out of it.
  • In 2016, he alongside Cenk Uygur, Zack Exley, and Saikat Chakrabarti laid the foundation of Justice Democrats and with the primary objective to support progressive and young candidates during primary elections. By 2024, 10 members related to their organization, Justice Democrats have held and secured seats in the US House of Representatives.
  • He alongside Krystal Ball created a podcast named “Krystal Kyle & Friends” in which a lot of famous and big personalities namely Noam Chomsky, Thomas Frank, and many others have been guests.
  • Kyle Kulinski’s no-nonsense, straight-to-the-point way of presenting his political views has garnered him a lot of support from the youth as his style is very different from the traditional and mainstream political commentators.

Things You Didn’t Know About Kyle Kulinski

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  • He likes to use comic exaggeration and a brash tone while presenting his views about religion and politics to connect with the viewers.
  • Kulinski often claims that his content has been deranked by YouTube.

Net Worth Of Kyle Kulinski

Kyle Kulinski has been reported to have a net worth of approximately $2 million latest as of June 2024. This multi-talented political commentator primarily earns his fair share of name, fame, worth mostly from his independent organization Justice Democrats plus his talk show Secular Talk earns him $3k to $50k each month. He earns around $50k being a TV and social media personality.

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