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Journalism is a very powerful tool which when used in the right way can bring incredible revolutions to the world. These days journalists are being influenced by various external aspects and as a result, journalism is being corrupted.

But this article is not about those who got influenced, it is about Tim Pool, a journalist who has stood for providing nothing but the truth to the public at any cost and is inspiring the youth of many countries worldwide by displaying the true power that journalism has. Here is a brief article about this man who is changing the world with his courageous deeds.

About Tim

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Tim is an American journalist and YouTuber who is famous for his views on various political issues and his actions regarding several protests which have taken place in the past. He has worked for several media companies in high positions.

He is also famous for his political comments in interviews, podcasts, live sessions, etc. He even co-founded a separate news company called “Subverse” to provide trustworthy news articles to the public from time to time. Over the years Tim has also received awards for his brave and revolutionary acts in the field of journalism. In short, Tim is a man who stands for ensuring that every American citizen knows the truth at all times regarding any type of political or public issue.

Early Life And Family

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Tim Pool’s full name is Timothy Daniel Pool. He was born on the 9th of march in 1986 in the city of Chicago. Tim said that he was from a below-middle-class family and struggled during his childhood. He never mentioned anything regarding his parents and there is no information of any sort about them that is available on the internet as well. Although Tim hasn’t attended any college and left school at a young age.

Although he doesn’t have a good education, Tim didn’t fail in showcasing his true talents to the world. Tim is also not known to have a spouse or girlfriend and is still single.

His Career And Major Milestones

Tim’s career started with the occurrence of the Occupy Wall Street Protests in New York. Tim traveled to New York from his hometown to live stream the protests to the public using various mediums such as Youtube. Thousands of people interacted with his streams and supported him in producing more content regarding the respective incidents. Since then Tim’s career has been experiencing constant growth in all aspects.

Throughout his career, Tim has filmed several other protests around the world and has gained fame and numerous awards such as the Shorty Award in the category of journalism through social media.

He has three youtube channels each having over 1 million subscribers. After working for several reputed media/news companies as a journalist and other positions Tim has co-founded his own news company “Subverse” which is also on a steady growth since its establishment.

A Few Things You Didn’t Know About Tim Pool

Tim is known to wear a beanie all the time, even when the weather is not suitable for it. And many have wondered and questioned him about it too. When some thought it was just his “style” others were curious to know the reason behind it. A few years ago it was revealed that Tim was bald and wore a beanie to cover it.

Net Worth

Tim has earnings coming from various streams such as youtube, his news company, etc. He has three youtube channels which are one of the main sources of earnings for Tim. His company “Subverse” is also running successfully by providing news that is factual and accurate. Overall Tim’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million.

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