What Is the Fastest Way to Clean Tile and Grout?

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There is one thing that differentiates sparkly clean from unappealing tiles, and that is the grout. No matter how much effort you put into ensuring the cleanliness of the tiles, by having a dirty grout all that is in vain. For that reason, finding the right grout cleaning method is essential.

Most of the time, scrubbing the places between the tiles is hard, and it takes a lot of time. By finding the fastest cleaning method, you’ll be a step closer to a clean-looking bathroom or kitchen.

In this article, we’ll provide a couple of steps for you to implement in your cleaning activities. All of the cleaning solutions you already have at home, so this should be pretty easy. Keep reading and learn how to increase the longevity of your tiles while keeping them extra shiny.

Prepare the area

The first thing that has to be done in preparation for the area that is going to be cleaned. This includes applying hot water and doing the initial scrub to remove the large dirt particles. In case you own a steam cleaner, this is the right time to use it since it is proven to help in cleaning the grout lines.

Combine the solutions and apply them to the surface

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Next, you have to come up with a cleaning solution that is natural and won’t cause damage to the tiles. This is done using hydrogen and two parts of baking soda.

When the paste is being created, you should apply it to the grout and let it sit for about twenty minutes. That way, the solution will do its work and will make cleaning the lines faster. In case you are cleaning the tiles in your kitchen, it is a good idea to add detergent to the solution since oil is one of the components of the gunk inside the grout.

Get to scrubbing

This is the hardest and most time-consuming process of this cleaning activity. How much time you will need is dependent on how big the area is.

This is the reason why many people are using tile and grout cleaning services. As professionals, they have the right equipment that will quickly and efficiently clean up the dirt from the surface. In addition, the special cleaning solutions they have will increase the longevity of your tiles.

Wash out

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After scrubbing, and getting the dirt out, it is time for the area to be washed. This is done with soap and hot water which will help in getting the stains that remained intact. Go through the area one time with the water and soap mixture, and wipe it down with a dry cloth immediately. This is the time when you can see the results of the work.

Prevent getting them dirty again

Preventing your tiles and grout to be dirty again is something you should consider. Although tiles already have a finish that prevents dirt from staying, the grout has to be treated. For that reason, you should consider using a sealer. This helps in preserving your work and keeps everything looking cleaner for a long time.

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