How Much Does It Cost to Resurface the Bottom of a Pool


Swimming pools are great assets for every house. They are a great source of entertainment during the hot season and they are aesthetically pleasing. In addition, having a pool in your yard is dramatically increasing the price of your property.

The pools are only built once, but they require proper maintenance over the years they are being used. This increases their longevity and enhances their appearance, making them look brand new. However, as every owner of such an asset knows, owning a pool is not a cheap activity.

With that being said, you should expect a costly price for the resurfacing project. But if you are wondering how much exactly does this process costs, you will firstly need to learn about all the resurfacing options available. We have made this article where you will get a better picture of this process, and determine whether you can do this on your own, or consider professional services.

What is the usual cost of this process


For a resurfacing project, you should expect to pay from around a thousand dollars to astronomical prices like ninety thousand dollars. However, the usual pricing is around six or seven thousand dollars.

The price for a resurfacing project of your pool is highly dependent on other factors. Firstly, the size is the biggest variable that determines the price. In addition, the type of your pool requires different resurfacing methods. This changes the price and divides each type into a different category.

In addition, the labor that the workers need to put in for this project determines the price as well. While this usually goes from 40 to 60 dollars per hour, there can be fluctuations due to the seasonal work. The size and the complexity of the resurfacing options can lead to a labor price of just around 3000 dollars.

Depending on the materials, you can expect to pay around a thousand dollars for regular plaster to forty thousand for special high-quality tiles.

To get a better picture, we have divided the various expenses based on the pool type and its resurfacing methods.



As a mid-range option, fiberglass has a couple of different resurfacing methods that have different pricing and features. However, this type is usually durable enough without the need for any repair project. The cost of resurfacing a fiberglass pool goes around 7000 dollars per 90 square meters.

Covering the internals with epoxy is the more affordable option. The application process is relatively easy, so you can consider doing this on your own. However, if you decide to go for a professional service, you should expect a price of around 1000 to 2000 dollars.

Going for polymer finishes, which are a better option because they protect your pool from environmental and weather conditions. This increase in your pool life can cost you around fifteen thousand dollars, which is expensive, but surely worth it.

Vinyl pool type


According to Flōridian, this is the most affordable pooling option that you can install in your home. With that being said, you can expect more affordable resurfacing options. While they are usually durable enough, after intense use of a couple of seasons, you can notice how the bottom begins to warp.

If there are leaks, and you notice a hole on your liner, it’s best to avoid going with a DIY solution and find yourself a pool resurfacing solution like

In case you need to replace the whole liner since it is a more complex process, you will need to prepare a larger financial sum. This can cost you around 2000 to 4000 dollars, depending on the material you have used, and the labor the expert charges.

Concrete pool type

As the best and most durable pool option, the concrete type requires more expensive maintenance and resurfacing solutions. While they can depend on the materials being used, you should expect a price no lower than ten thousand dollars.

Painting the pools was the most used resurfacing option in the past. However, this method is still being used because it is the most affordable one. You can expect an expense of around a thousand dollars for a professionally painted bottom. However, you can save a lot if you do this on your own.

If you had paint underneath, and all you want is a refreshment, it is better to do it by yourself. In case the plaster underneath has become bad, you will need to replace the plaster and then paint on top of it. This is a more complicated process, and it is better to hire an expert for that scenario.

Plastering the bottom of your pool is another option that offers high durability for a relatively affordable price of around 9000 dollars. Every pool has a layer of plaster that contains cement, sand, and other aggregates that improve its quality. Although it makes your pool look great, keep in mind that it still needs proper maintenance and protection from the chemicals used for the water.

Using aggregates is an improved way of plastering the internals. They are being upgraded with tiny stones and marbles which surely improves the looks. Many brands offer a guarantee that the coating will stay intact after many years of use even with a bad maintenance schedule. This surfacing method will cost you around twelve thousand dollars, or even more.


Lastly, the best and the most expensive surfacing option is tiling the bottom of your pool. If you are looking for the best-looking option, that offers great durability, you should consider the tiles. You can contribute to repairing and replacing a couple of tiles if they are being broken. However, whole surfacing projects are better be done by experts. This method should cost you around thirty thousand dollars or even more, depending on the tiles you have chosen.

How much do you usually save if you do this on your own

If you are a person who loves repairing things around your home by yourself, you will surely be thrilled to do a pool resurfacing project. Not only because of the fun, but you will be able to save money which is always beneficial. You will be saving the money that has been paid for labor, which goes for above 3000 dollars or even more.

However, if you don’t want to be stressed with such a big project, or you lack sufficient expertise, you should consider hiring professional pool services. With all of the knowledge they have gained over the years, the resurfacing project will be done quicker, and more efficiently while reducing your stressful periods.

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