Custom Flag Maker


Show your flag in its most beautiful and proper form. You can make a flag online with our easy-to-use editor. You don’t have to worry about not having enough thread or sewing for hours to get it right. The flag maker on the flag lets you simultaneously work with your friends or team. Get as many creative ideas as possible so your design can come to life. You can use our online flag maker to make flags you can print at home or share on social media.

Start with what moves you

We give you access to thousands of templates made by professionals on Custom Flag Maker, so you never have to start with a blank page. You can find new ideas by searching by platform, task, style, mood, or color.

Change it up to make it yours

There are many ways to change your flag templates to make them unique. Change the writing and the font. It looks through thousands of free images. With a paid plan, you can even have your brand’s logo, colors, and fonts automatically applied,

Give it more style

Our exclusive design assets make it easy to give your flag more style and personality. With just one tap, you can add animated stickers from text animation to short-form graphic videos.


Change the size of your text to make it go further

You no longer have to remember the size of an image for every platform. Just make a copy of the project, click Resize and choose the platform for which you want to change it.

Save your design and show it to others

Once your design is done, click the Publish button to show other people your idea. We save what you make, so you can always return to your project and make changes if necessary.

Make your personalized flag stand out

Make a new flag to promote your business, cheer on your favorite sports team, or show support for a cause or a community. Make a flag design that is unique and easy to remember, one that you will be proud to fly for years to come.


Show your true, bright colors

Use symbols and things that represent your community to show how proud you are of it. Explore our rich media library to find images, icons, illustrations, and vectors you can add to your custom-made flag.

Important Information about Custom Flags

Flags have many options and tools to help you make your next personalized, printed flag. You can add your flag design to any of the following styles. Choose the style of the flag that works best for you to see an estimate of how much the custom flag or flags will cost.

How Long It Takes to Make Custom Flags

Making a custom flag will take about 15 to 20 business days. If you need your order quickly, you can get it, but there will be a rush fee.

Needs for custom flags

To get the best copy of your Custom Flag Maker, logo, and graphics, you need to ensure that all of your electronic artwork is ready correctly. In general, bitmapped jpg, tiff, or Photoshop files that are raster images can be used.



What should the right size of a flag be?

For events and parades, 4 x 6 inches, a minor flag design is best because it is easy to put on a stick and wave or bikes and helmets. An 11-by-15-inch flag is a right size to fly from a car.

Can you recommend the best material for a flag using Custom Flag Maker?

The best material for a flag is one that can withstand all kinds of weather and is light enough to fly. Because of this, polyester and nylon are the materials most often used for outdoor flags.

How does a suitable flag look?

Flag designers, or vexillologists, say that a good flag design is simple and easy to remember. It shouldn’t have any text and shouldn’t have more than three colors. Its symbols should be few, easy to remember, and have meaning.

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